AppFoundry Takes the Iron Throne

Game of Thrones fans know that sometimes we must face the unknown in order to gain understanding in a changing world. Genesys has gone beyond the wall of the contact center to determine the technological advances that will truly revolutionize the industry.

Winter is coming—but the Genesys Winter 2018 Innovations Guide is already here. We’ve created the strongest artilleries to arm our customers against bad customer experience. The competition doesn’t stand a chance against our customer experience platform, which might as well be made of Valerian steel.

But like Game of Thrones, it’s not just about being the best. It’s about strength in numbers. So, we’ve joined forces with allies from across the seven kingdoms to equip all three Genesys platforms with additional capabilities to help you win any battle. And you can find all these partner integrations in the AppFoundry Marketplace, as featured in the Best of Contact Center Innovations. AppFoundry takes the Iron Throne among CX solutions marketplaces.

“The primary advantage to development partners is expanded market reach,” noted Dick Bucci in his “Contact Center Pipeline” article. In the interview, Jim Kraeutler, VP of ISV Technology Alliances, expresses the value of the AppFoundry Marketplace for not only Genesys and our partners, but also for our customers.

“Genesys AppFoundry reduces time to value,” said Kraeutler. And we know that nothing is more treasured than time. The Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace and partner program—featuring 260 applications and growing— makes it even simpler for customers to get the best value from all three Genesys offerings. It reduces friction related to sourcing, procurement, deployment, and support of third-party integrations and add-on applications.

Coming soon in 2019, PureCloud customers can browse AppFoundry and sample any one of our Premium Applications in just five minutes or less!  Customers will be treated to a painless purchase experience, installation, and setup of the Premium Application.  That’s right our wicked fast process delivers time-to-value in minutes.  ‘Purchases’ are free for up to a month, cancellation at any time within PureCloud is equally as painless too!  AppFoundry aims to make experimentation frictionless by removing the common bottlenecks of effort and complexity from third-party integrations.

Here’s a look at some companies who have declared their loyalty to House AppFoundry.


Softphone helps connect your Genesys® PureCloud® contact center to almost any customer relationship management tool. With Softphone, tools like SugarCRM and ServiceNow are always visible and accessible, ultimately increasing agent productivity and customer satisfaction.


The Embrava Status Lights for Agents is a productivity tool designed to give your contact center supervisors instant visibility into the state of all their agents. Provide immediate assistance, where necessary, and boost performance with Embrava.

Shelf brings easy-to-use, intelligent knowledge management to the PureCloud platform. With advanced artificial intelligence and robust search capabilities, agents can quickly find and solve customer inquiries the first time. Ensure accurate, up-to-date, trusted information with Shelf.

Venture through Genesys AppFoundry to find integrations that enhance the customer service experience—for your customers and employees.