3 Tips That IT Pros Use to Build Relationships with Business Partners

One of the best parts about working in IT is understanding many parts of the business that you support. Building relationships across different lines of business put IT professionals in a unique position to help teams find new ways to share tools and processes. It also better positions you to invest in the tools that lead your business partners to succeed.

As you’re getting to know your different business partners, one of the most valuable things you can do is give them a better understanding of how their tools work together and provide them more control over their teams. Your contact center is a great place to start, but you can apply these ideas to any tool that the IT team provides.

Here are three tips that IT pros can use to build better relationships with their business partners.

  1. Remove the black box mentality.

IT tools should never be a secret to those who use them. Spend time with your partners, understand their processes and then teach them how to use the features in their tools.  

  1. Give up some control.

Instead of requiring partners to submit an IT ticket to change permissions for a team member, give them the ability to change it themselves using group permissions and policies. You can restrict their access and still create a flexible team that can pivot quickly. The time you spend training them works toward building a trusted partner relationship. And it frees up your team up to handle other tasks.

  1. Speak their language.

Learning to speak your business partner’s language, instead of inundating them with tech speak, improves relationships and strengthens your understanding of what they need from their technical tools. Remember: If you don’t help solve their problems, there’s an app store just a click away with the answers.

By leveraging a cloud contact center, IT managers can provide call center and contact center managers the ability to self serve and empower them to utilize the features that better serve their needs. 

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