Matthew Addison

Chief Revenue Officer at Smartnumbers

Matthew Addison is an accomplished executive with a distinguished career in building and developing customer-focused organizations across diverse sectors. His strategy lies in using technology to enhance engagement, both for customers and employees, ultimately creating a thriving, efficient work environment. Currently, Matthew serves as the Chief Revenue Officer at Smartnumbers, where he focuses on bolstering contact center security and improving customer interactions. Here, he successfully deploys real-time caller authentication and fraud detection, offering a frictionless caller experience and greater trust. In his past roles at NICE Ltd, Finastra, and Temenos, Matthew made significant strides in nurturing customer relationships, increasing revenue growth, and integrating cloud-based solutions. These roles not only demonstrated his expertise in these areas but also underscored his commitment to delivering rapid returns on investment for his clients. Matthew's passion for ensuring customer satisfaction and reference ability speaks volumes about his dedication to excellence. As an executive in the technology industry, his transformative impact on organizational performance and his consistent track record in revenue growth stand as a testament to his capabilities.

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