Omnichannel customer engagement

Omnichannel customer engagement

Connect channel silos and build magnificent omnichannel experiences

Omnichannel experiences unify inbound and outbound communication to deliver proactive, contextual interactions to your customers—and an effortless experience. Create seamless, personalised engagements across all channels throughout the entire customer journey.

Your customers, agents and reps can shift between channels without losing context. Your business can expertly design, launch and monitor even the most complex customer journeys using routing to automatically deliver interactions to the best available resource. It’s all part of the Genesys approach to omnichannel customer engagement.

Empower agents with detailed customer insights

An omnichannel contact centre platform is good for employees, too. Give your agents a 360-degree view of the customer over time and across all channels and touchpoints. With the right solution an agent can identify the phase of the customer journey, such as purchasing, onboarding or problem resolution. When agents and reps have all that knowledge at their fingertips, they’re more engaged and empowered to solve issues, give the right advice or guide customers in their buying journeys.

Chatx2 customer journey
Invest in the entire customer journey

Serve digital consumers on their terms

New channels and forms of customer engagement are emerging as a result of today’s new digital business model. Align with customer expectations and gain efficiencies as you more easily connect and integrate with companies, processes and devices. This creates new opportunities and new ways to better manage digital customer relationships and end-to-end customer journeys.

Genesys omnichannel capabilities seamlessly integrate voice and digital channels. By using voice as a secondary entry point for digital consumers, your team can focus on more complex queries.

Have your deployment your way

Genesys omnichannel supports on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments. With this scalable platform, you’ll improve total cost of ownership, deliver better results and be ready for future challenges.