Customer self-service for contact centres

Customer self service

It’s not business—it’s personal

When customers contact you, having context from previous voice and digital interactions creates a better experience. Personalise that experience with Genesys call centre software, and make it conversational using natural-language capabilities and blended artificial intelligence (AI). Personas based on demographics or customer preference further personalise the experience.

By combining self-service with personalisation, you can transform your self-service IVR system into a valuable asset for building customer relationships.

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Enable secure self-service payments

Let your customers pay bills during a self-service transaction or with a payment app that’s used during an assisted expert interaction. Reduce risk with native and proven capabilities for omnichannel self-service when payments and other sensitive transactions are protected through PCI compliance—all under one platform.

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Improve CX with automation and AI

Reimagine what self-service can do for your customers with automation powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Keep up with rising expectations across all your channels—and save agents for escalations. When an agent is needed, AI seamlessly transitions the customer, along with all their relevant information and context, to the right agent at the right time. You’ll serve up a better experience, reduce call volumes and improve first contact resolution.


Get up and running quickly with microapps

Quickly deploy new omnichannel self-service microapps that reflect best practices in business processes and give you a competitive advantage. One customer refreshed their self-service IVR application in eight weeks, instead of the typical 11-month deployment, for faster time to value.

Build a bot workshop

Take the next step in your AI strategy. Build your own chatbot or voicebot in just hours.


Empower business users with self-service tools

A customer self-service solution that responds quickly to changing customer demands lets you adapt to ongoing personalisation and customer experience improvements—and maintain their loyalty. Costly and time-consuming changes to your IVR can compromise customer engagement. With an intuitive self-service solution, you can:

  • Make changes to your IVR as frequently as necessary
  • Gain efficiency in call routing to best suit each individual customer’s needs
  • Let business users manage your IVR system without requiring technical resources
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Bring insight to your customer self-service solutions

Use microapps with automatic support across voice and digital channels, including web chat, Facebook and mobile, to design and personalise the whole customer journey in a single process. Our open-access approach lets you fully integrate with other Genesys capabilities, as well as third-party data sources—including natural-language processing and AI engines—to create conversational self-service, business process automation or intelligent apps.

Built-in self-service analytics give you full visibility into how customers move through their self-service journeys. Because it’s easy to understand these journeys, you’ll see significant savings and improve customer experience through continual optimisation.

Genesys Cloud customer self-service

Provide 24/7 self-service and agent-assisted service

Future-proof your IVR

The Genesys Cloud™ contact centre platform offers speech-enabled IVR services designed to effectively and efficiently handle traditional channels, such as voice and email, as well as new and emerging digital channels. Call flows can key off of a variety of data points and be as simple or as sophisticated as your business needs.

Drag-and-drop call flow builder

Easily create multi-level call flows and menu options with the Genesys Architect visual call flow builder. Work with menus of predefined or customisable actions using the drag-and-drop graphical interface. The system even flags errors before configurations are published, making it easy and safe to use—even during peak business hours.

Conversational customer self-service

Get Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding with the Genesys IVR solution. Support is available for multiple languages including Spanish, French and German. With integrated DTMF and speech-enabled options, you can set up an IVR that customers will embrace.

Simple, robust prompt management

A library of system prompts—available in multiple languages to support global operations—is available “out of the box.” Record custom prompts directly within the visual call flow builder using your browser and computer microphone.

Integrated ACD and IVR

Empower agents to continue, rather than restart, a customer journey. The IVR solution and ACD are tightly integrated. Information collected in the IVR is shared with the ACD for interaction routing, handling and reporting.

Open APIs

Leverage public APIs for even deeper management and configuration options for call flows, audio prompts and other data—giving you flexibility to use a variety of tools and integrations to create solutions that fit your business’ individual needs.

"We added new messages to our IVR in just a couple of minutes, which is something almost unheard of in our industry. And we did this without relying on IT experts."

Ian Roberts

Operations Leader

Quicken Customer Care

Get customers quickly to the answers they want

Customers value businesses that are easy to work with, and IVR applications that let customers help themselves with routine tasks put your business in that category. They also reduce the cost of service.

With the Genesys Cloud™ platform running our call centre software, you have the control to design, build and manage your own IVR customer self-service application. This single-standard platform is supported on-premises, cloud and as a hybrid deployment, and offers:

  • Business-centric analytics and IVR reporting
  • DTMF and multi-language speech recognition with natural language support
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) support
  • Robust prompt management
  • Integrated ACD
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Communicate on your customers’ terms

Increase customer self-service completion rates by offering more natural interactions. Speech enablement in the Genesys Cloud customer self-service platform lets customers use their own words to tell you why they called.

Native Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) support

Create powerful speech recognition applications for contact centres of all sizes. A simple, built-in and cost-effective solution provides accurate results, reduces complexity and eliminates costs for separate ASR software, hardware and services.

Third-party ASR support

Advanced ASR applications, such as Nuance, offer high-recognition accuracy and enable more natural conversations with several language options.

Genesys VoiceXML feature support

Utilise existing applications—written in industry-standard VoiceXML—and take advantage of speech recognition technology without application development costs

Be there when your customers need you

While customer self-service is critical to meet modern demands, sometimes customers need to speak with an agent. When that happens, make sure they don’t have to explain their problem again. Omnichannel call centre software tools let you track customer interactions and maintain context across their entire journey.

  • Define business rules for when to present an option for assisted service
  • Intelligently route interactions to the most qualified agent using information collected within self-service
  • Provide swift inquiry resolution by seamlessly tracking data across self-service and assisted-service channels
Be there when your customers need you
Show customers you value their time

Show customers you value their time

Cut customer frustration with callback

Customers become frustrated when they’re forced to wait on hold. Show your customers that you value their time with the callback feature in the IVR platform. Providing a callback option puts the customer in charge. Because customers are connected to the best agent resource to resolve their needs, agent productivity is improved and issues are addressed correctly the first time. Mitigate the effect of unanticipated spikes in call volume and improve your call centre SLA metrics—abandon rate, AHT, FCR—with omnichannel callback.

"Now we’re able to see all interactions across the globe and route traffic from anywhere to anywhere, without customers ever leaving the platform."

Matt Hayes

Principal Program Manager


Free business users to adapt self-service to changing conditions

Genesys call centre software offers customer self-service capabilities that let you quickly respond to changing customer needs. Belgian postal services company Bpost was tired of making costly and time-consuming changes to their IVR. The company used the intuitive Genesys call centre software to improve its capabilities from making a maximum of about four changes per year to making more than 400 changes in the first six months after implementation.

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