Customer self-service for contact centres

Give your customers the personalised experiences they want when they choose self-service

Customer self service

Make every self-service interaction personal

Customers expect personalised experiences — even when they choose self-service. The more context your company has about previous voice and digital interactions, the better experiences you can provide.

Elevate self-service customer interactions with natural language and blended artificial intelligence (AI). Create great customer experiences using personas based on demographics or preferences through Genesys call centre software.

By personalising your self-service channels, you can transform your IVR system into a valuable asset for building customer relationships.


Create memorable self-service experiences

Give customers what they want

Give customers the 24/7 support they expect. With self-service options across channels, your customers can reach out how they want, when they want — and know they’ll always receive timely support.

Connect digital and voice channels

Providing self-service across multiple channels improves customer experiences. Make it easy to switch channels without losing context or requiring your customer to repeat themselves.

Make conversations flow

Customers want a comfortable experience, whether they reach a human or a bot. Give them conversational, AI-supported self-service options that provide quick solutions — and reduce your team’s workload.

Improve customer loyalty with personalised self-service

A good customer experience requires personalisation. Use the data in your knowledge base to tailor traditional and digital self-service interactions to customer preferences. It’s key to include these self-service channels in your customer experience strategy. With the right approach, you can reduce wait times and improve overall customer feedback.

Make IVR conversations feel natural

Choosing self-service should create an easy customer experience. That means quick, automated processes paired with conversational prompts and options. Use voicebots powered by Genesys AI to understand and handle customer needs. Or, route the interaction to the appropriate agent with full context.

Create richer conversations with the information you already collect. Use machine learning and customer data to ensure your automated or live responses are the right ones. Orchestrate and report on native and third-party bots across channels to deliver more seamless customer experiences.

Go beyond voice services

Omnichannel is the new normal. Blending voice and digital channels is key to creating exceptional customer experiences. Your self-service strategy should be a natural part of your larger omnichannel vision.

Empower your customers to transition from a digital channel to the most-skilled call centre agent at a moment’s notice. The context of their previous conversation should carry over in real time, ensuring your team has the tools to do their jobs. Directly improve both your customer and employee experiences by providing details about the customer journey and their CRM information.

Design self-service journeys with ease

Customer experience management requires effective conversation flows, especially in the self-service space. Designing effective conversations that adapt quickly to changing conditions should be easy — even for non-technical users.

Configure, design and manage self-service journeys without IT assistance. Use Genesys AI to design a bot once and automatically render it across voice and digital channels, including your website, SMS, social messaging, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, WeChat and more.

Protect your investment

You shouldn’t have to start from scratch to deliver personalised self-service experiences. Integrating contact centre self-service with your existing CRM and bot technologies is the best path forward.

The right self-service capabilities are natively available from your contact centre platform. This supports your omnichannel and digital strategies and offers, with the advantages of continued innovation, greater agility and reduced costs. At the same time, an open platform gives you the flexibility to add new applications and bot technologies as needed — without having to rethink your platform or redesign your business logic.

Give customers the self-service tools they want

Product image of self service builder
Drag-and-drop flow builder

Create multilevel call flows and menu options. Simply drag and drop to build with predefined or customisable action menus. The system flags errors before publishing, making it easy and safe to use — even during peak business hours.

Design once, deploy anywhere

Save time and money by avoiding repetition. Manage and design your self-service flows from one app. Simply create a bot once and make it available across any channel — voice, web, SMS or messaging — automatically and with full context.

Create flexible speech enablement

Use native and third-party Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to increase accuracy and create natural conversations. Or use existing applications written in industry-standard VoiceXML for speech-recognition technology.

Access integrated ACD and IVR

Empower agents to continue customer journeys — without backtracking to gather previously shared details. Information collected in the IVR is shared with the ACD for interaction routing, handling and reporting.

Manage bots

Easily orchestrate native or third-party AI. Report on AI’s impact across a single or multiple interactions from one application. Take advantage of the latest technology to protect existing investments.

Leverage open APIs

Leveraging public APIs let you better manage and configure call flows, audio prompts and other data. Use a variety of flexible tools and integrations to create solutions that fit your needs.

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