Why is PCI compliance so important?

If you work for a company or contact center who takes card payments from customers over the phone, you are responsible for keeping that data as safe and secure as possible. The PCI DSS compliance requirements are designed to combat card fraud by keeping cardholder data safe from hackers and other security breaches, but it’s not just your customers’ safety that is protected.

By ensuring your contact center is meeting the PCI DSS compliance, you are also protecting your business—both financially and legally. Not only can this negatively affect or even ruin a company’s reputation, it also damages confidence in the industry.

While PCI DSS compliance is not a legal requirement, it does ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act—protecting you legally should the worst happen.

Who is PCI Pal?

A specialist provider of secure payment solutions, we are a fintech business focused on the global contact center market. The company was founded over 10 years ago and is a PLC listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM: PCIP.L). Our technology was devised and developed from within the contact center environment and originated as a cloud-based service—meaning it is engineered to scale alongside modern data storage best practice.

With expectations of customer service and experience ever-increasing and payment security standards tightening, our technology and expertise have evolved to assist and secure the multichannel contact center of today. We have operations in the UK and the United States.

What do we do?

We offer businesses a suite of cloud solutions—managed by a helpful and pragmatic team—that are designed to descope their payment environments from the requirements of PCI DSS compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Our pioneering Level 1 PCI DSS certified solutions are built around your contact center and processes, so your customer service operation will remain exactly as you want it to be. Customizable, scalable and reliable, with 24/7 global support and 99.99% uptime, our suite of solutions includes:

  • Agent Assist: Secure DTMF (keypad) capture technology, proven to reduce average handling times by up to two-thirds
  • IVR payments: 24/7 customer payments without the need to speak to an agent or access a website
  • Call recording: Contact center calls recorded in a secure cloud environment that complies with PCI DSS
  • Legacy data: Secures your legacy payment data, ensuring archive data is as secure as real-time data
  • SMS and web chat: Additional secure payment channels integrated within your existing systems
  • Secure cloud: Feature-rich communications platform, integrating with any telecommunications carrier or third-party contact center provider
  • Live agent: 24/7 fully outsourced call handling service or overflow option during busy periods 

What makes us different?

With a long-standing track record in the contact center technology space, we offer unrivaled flexibility of deployment as a result of our carrier, phone and CRM system agnostic solutions. We work with merchants, contact centers, and other enterprises to build secure payment cloud solutions which work for your business not against it, ensuring full compatibility with your existing and future technology investments.

As well as our technology, we invest in our people, who collectively possess a wealth of industry experience, through from our engineers to our client services team. Their drive to stay at the forefront of PCI DSS compliance and valuable personal characteristics of honesty, integrity and reliability, mean that we are always proactively seeking out ways in which to evolve our solutions alongside your ever-changing compliance needs. With a wealth of experience across multiple verticals, we stop at nothing to ensure peace of mind for both your staff and your customers.

This post was co-authored by David Swift, Channel Sales Director at PCI Pal. David is responsible for developing the channel as a route to market for PCI Pal. He brings a wealth of partner management experience, having been a telecommunications professional for a number of years. Prior to joining PCI Pal back in 2014, David headed up the channel and partner function for leading cloud telecommunications companies.