Using AI to Boost Employee and Customer Experience Efficiency

This blog post was co-authored by Genesys technology partner, Call Journey.

Whatever the new normal becomes after the global health crisis ends, artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly is being adopted as one of the keys for transforming experience. And the technology will play an even larger part of in the contact center landscape moving forward. As it continues to augment different aspects of life, AI evolves from an innovative trend to a seamless enabler that’s woven into everyday life. And it will be an intrinsic part of the new normal.

AI Is the New Currency For Growth

AI and, more specifically machine learning, require a lot of data to yield the best results. In fact, in the Accenture study, “The New, New Normal: Exponential Growth Powered by AI,” data is considered “the new ecosystem currency” for mining insights that are imperative in decision-making and “drive business growth, transform experiences, and develop new digitally enabled products and services.”

Data that provides comprehensive customers and employee insights is even more vital during these times.

We know how healthcare facilities are now using AI-fueled insights to battle COVID-19 — from understanding and screening symptoms, strategically conducting contact tracing to stop its spread, to developing a cure and extending and stratifying the system’s care in ways that would have once been unimaginable. For organizations, AI-fueled insights about customers and employees give them the crucial information they need to navigate through the growing uncertainties and overcome the challenges of maintaining business as usual amid new challenges.

AI, with the right data, is the key to further growth and development.

Mining Valuable Contact Center Data

Your contact center channel is a rich goldmine of data, waiting to be tapped and unlocked. We’re talking about voice data, the product of the most natural form of human interaction, as well as and the most used method used by 79% of customers when contacting customer service – audio-based conversations. A recent assessment showed that just in the US, in one year, there were 260 billion minutes of inbound conversations to contact centers.

Conversation Analytics Benefits

With the continued advancement of AI and machine learning, you can mine and analyze voice data to get a consistent finger on the pulse of your agents’ health and wellbeing. You’ll also understand what your customers are saying, feeling and meaning.

Call Journey, provider of conversation analytics and Genesys global speech analytics partner, incorporates Natural Language Processing to transform customer conversations into rich, actionable insights. The Call Journey AI-powered Conversation Analytics solution lets you monitor and analyze virtual real-time and historical conversations.

Call Journey measures and scores every customer conversation right down to an utterance and then transforms it into structured data that analyzes areas such as emotion, sentiment, script adherence and compliance, keywords and trends, and triggers that may cause either customer exodus or agent burnout. These results are then delivered straight into WordBench, the company’s visualization platform or the customer’s preferred business intelligence (BI) platform, enabling the consolidation of disparate enterprise data for heightened insights or most commonly into a customer’s BI/analytics environment.

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