The Year of Video Communication

This blog post was co-authored by Genesys technology partner, Auvious.

Until recently, video communication was considered an unnecessary luxury. But COVID-19 showed the world there’s a dire need for video communication. And the Genesys CloudTM platform is ahead of the curve in video services. It provides a cloud-based, state-of-the-art solution with top quality, easy navigation and, most importantly, security and interactivity.

Following are a few ways you can use video in your contact center.

Boost your business volume: Visuals are a key to effective persuasion.

  • One video frame is worth a thousand words; it offers a modern twist to the age-old need for closeness. Video allows you to connect closely — even when you’re far away. A cloud contact center that incorporates video is a tool for unified communication.
  • Introduce flexibility to your workplace. Video is the main enabler of a flexible, mobile office solution – work whenever, wherever, without compromising closeness and interaction. Web and mobile SDKs liberate you from the binds of being in the office.

Stay on track with technological advances and remain relevant with end users.

  • Interaction is integral to human communication. Video technology is now widespread and builds on this very notion. Interact more effectively with your team and customers; enhance your marketing strategy, business meetings and customer service — all through video.
  • Digitalization is accelerating, and high-quality video is quickly becoming a necessity. Update your service and get on board with the latest technological trends.

Update your onboarding and authentication procedures

  • Personalization has become key to online systems. The video feature eliminates security risks and facilitates identification, authentication and enabling. This is a must-have for any cloud contact center.

Boosting Your Contact Center’s Communication

There are countless use cases to illustrate the successful, profitable and innovative ways that video can transform and expand your business or service. It essentially comes down to one thing: There’s an increased market demand for simple and flexible video access.

A cloud contact center that delivers this provides the perfect solution. Let’s take a look at some features that boost the contact center’s video communication.

HQ video and audio: Our video and audio communication technology is WebRTC-based, with cross-browser, cross-platform and mobile customer video support.

Recording service: You can record audio and video media of all participants in a call. Agents can save the output on their storage provider of preference (S3 Amazon, Google, etc.).

Screen-share: With this feature, agents and customers can share their screens securely — directly from the Auvious app. Share a browser tab, a specific application or even your whole desktop.

Augmented reality: Agents can interactively add markings (pointers) to a customer’s screen for enhanced, step-by-step customer support.

Pause call (on hold): With this, the agent instantly suspends audio and video of all meeting participants.

Video-first widget: With our revolutionary widget, the customer initiates a video conversation directly with an agent, bypassing all other unnecessary steps. And because it floats, your customer never has to leave your website.

Artificial intelligence (AI) background removal: Real-time background masking that’s replaceable with blurring.

Multiple participants: Multiple agents can participate in the same call.

Omnichannel support: Agents can initiate calls from a single system, regardless of the preferred channel of engagement.

To learn more about these video capabilities, visit Auvious on the AppFoundry Marketplace.