Successfully Implement AI-Driven Predictive Routing

More than 2,200 years ago, Greek mathematician, Archimedes, concluded that the shortest distance between two points is always a straight line. With that, he also identified an important formula for customer experience success. The shortest distance between the customer and an optimal interaction is always the most efficient route to the right resource. Predictive routing is the solution.

Routing efficiency always has been closely aligned to customer experience success. Yet, with a growing number of digital channels and endless sources of data to understand what drives optimal results, getting the customer to the best resource has become increasingly complex. Today’s leading brands are overcoming this challenge by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)-driven predictive routing that provides strategic, high-resolution matching between customers and agents. It provides the best and most efficient match between a customer and an agent — and for the right business purpose.

Predictive routing uses AI and machine learning to get customers to the best resource, every time. And, unlike skills-based routing, predictive routing refines the match further based on specific business outcomes — whether that’s increasing sales or improving specific KPIs. It uses rich historical data gathered over time to adapt to changing patterns of interactions and then builds predictive models using continuous learning.

Take the First Step to Routing Success
The benefits of improving customer engagement with predictive routing are undeniably impressive. Many Genesys customers who already use it are reaping impressive results, including reduced costs, increased customer satisfaction and improved Net Promoter Scores.

Still, deploying innovations like AI and machine learning technologies can seem daunting. You might not be sure of how to get started with AI-driven predictive routing, so you achieve quick returns while mitigating risks. The good news is: It’s easier than you think.

Join me for the live webinar, “How to successfully implement AI-driven predictive routing,” on June 19. We’ll guide you through a practical plan to deploy it at scale, so you’re guaranteed quick returns for your organization. You’ll also learn how to minimize risk from this innovation and achieve measurable business outcomes, based on real-life examples.

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