Genesys Cloud Browser Extensions Continue to Evolve and Expand

A while back, Google announced the deprecation of Chrome apps. While existing apps are technically still supported, the company has made it clear that they are not the preferred method. Recently, Firefox made an interesting announcement as well.

Taken separately, these two announcements may not seem all that impactful, but together they hold some valuable insights into the path things are taking. In keeping with the stated direction of the Chrome browser and its ecosystem, we’re migrating the Genesys Cloud for Chrome client so that it’s strictly a browser extension. This simplifies our customer experience—a single extension to install and a single place from which to manage your settings. We’ll deprecate support for the Chrome App portion of the Genesys Cloud for Chrome client in favor of this new streamlined approach.

By moving to a browser extension model, building the Genesys Cloud for Firefox extension was just a hop, skip and a short jump away. Because of this, we’re pleased to announce the release of Genesys Cloud for Firefox as the newest way to access the platform. Offering the same great features found in the Chrome extension, but installed directly in the Firefox web browser, the Genesys Cloud for Firefox extension continues our push to make the Genesys Cloud the easiest contact center solution to access—no matter which applications or browsers your business uses.

This means that there are now Genesys Cloud agent solutions available for nearly 75% of all web browser users, making the platform ultra-accessible. With these new browser extensions, the Genesys Cloud is just one click away. WebRTC stations, click-to-dial, screen pops and more can be made available on any web page.

For existing users of Genesys Cloud for Chrome with the Chrome App component, we’ve made migration to the new browser extension as easy as possible. Please visit the Resource Center for instructions.