Personalizing the Customer Journey for All Generations

Different generations prefer to communicate with you in different ways. Understanding and orchestrating that journey is a critical part of managing the customer experience.

Customer experience is the most powerful differentiator in business today. Delivering an excellent experience means personalizing the customer journey and considering factors like generational expectations. And the expectations of those who grew up in a technology-focused world differ greatly from those who did not.

My mom, for example, is a baby boomer. And although she’s acclimating herself to new technologies, it’s a miracle if she sends me a text. She would never reach out to a business via text or messaging—and she’d never post anything about a business on social media. But younger consumers, such as millennials, are changing the customer experience game.

Give All Customers the Experience They Want

In the Genesys State of Customer Experience research report, 45% of baby boomers reported that they value privacy over personalization. Like my mom, they’re hesitant to dive into social media or connect online in other ways; they worry about losing their privacy.

On the other hand, 64% of millennials value anticipation and customization of their experience over privacy concerns. Unlike boomers, millennials don’t mind sharing their personal data; they see the value in giving a business access to their private information because they believe that benefits such as personalized recommendations often outweigh the risks. And knowing that businesses store location and credit card data bothers millennials less than it bothers boomers.

However, while millennials and Generation Z drive changes, they’re not your only customers. Be prepared to personalize the journeys for all customers.

Nine out of 10 consumers value when a business knows their account history and current activities; seven out of 10 value having the same representative help them each time they interact with the company. Almost everyone—no matter their generation—appreciates a certain level of personalization. And it’s your job to help them understand the value they’ll receive while also helping them overcome their concerns.

The Age of Channel Switching

The ways in which consumers engage with you also have shifted significantly. Channel switching is a new reality. With the rise of so many communications options, consumers want to use the channel that suits them at any moment in time—and they want a seamless experience. Yet today, fewer than 30% of companies even track their customers’ channel preferences.

If you don’t adapt to these new realities to create and manage seamless, personalized journeys for your customers, you risk becoming a relic. As demographics and preferences continue to shift, differentiating yourself in the marketplace means orchestrating journeys that improve the overall experience for customers.

To learn more about the customer journey, including personalization, channel switching and more, read the first three chapters of the Genesys State of Customer Experience research report.