nGUVU Gamification and Employee Engagement Addition to PureCloud

At nGUVU, we believe that happy agents equal happy customers. If your team is engaged, happy and has the right technology, no obstacle will be too big for them.  It is true that customer relationship management became complex in the world of omnichannel client interactions and customer journeys, and technology like Genesys PureCloud is here to fix it. However, there is one significant variable in this omnichannel customer journey and client experience equation, and it is contact center agent happiness.

More than 50 percent of agents are disengaged at work resulting in below average customer experience. This is where gamification and employee engagement technology steps in to help. And, this is one of the reasons nGUVU is a perfect addition to Genesys PureCloud.  PureCloud provides contact center agents with the right technology during the omnichannel customer journey. At the same time, nGUVU helps engage the agents by transforming and gamifying their work experience.

Our team created a call center gamification platform that brings together game mechanics, social media and recognition concepts, and machine learning. nGAGEMENT platform links to PureCloud and delivers an immersive game-like experience to contact center agents, motivating them to achieve their objectives. nGAGEMENT platform appeals to agents natural desire to compete, achieve status and recognition, and collaborate.

Connect nGAGEMENT Gamification  with PureCloud

The Implementation is easy with the four steps that follow:


Step 2: Determine hierarchy and KPI

Step 3: Set up objectives and Performance points parameters

Step 4: Game On!

nGAGEMENT will sync in real-time with PureCloud. You can use performance metrics such as AHT, after call work, the number of calls, and more to keep track of employee performance. The platforms combines different data sources, including external data such as .csv or excel documents.

Once both platforms are connected, and PureCloud data is received it’s time to activate gamification. nGAGEMENT platform delivers multiple functionalities, with three primary platform components.

1. Performance, KPI’s and Analytics

2.  Challenges, contests, rewards, and recognition

3.  Management views and machine learning

Measuring Gamification with Employee Performance Metrics

Performance, KPI’s and analytics activates once we see the data flowing between the two platforms. Any custom or standard metric – presence, adherence, first call resolution, compliance, average handling time, average hold time –  is visible and starts delivering points and badges to agents.

Points, badges, leaderboards, and social signals are a part of the intrinsic reward system and are one of the cornerstones that help transform work into a game-like experience.  Leaderboards based on high-level performance are shared with colleagues.  Leaderboards can be adjusted and changed to reflect different KPI’s.

nGAGEMENT Offers Multiple Competition Offers

Agents have a natural desire for competition, challenges and associated rewards and recognition. That is why nGAGEMENT offers multiple competition options. The contact center manager can select daily challenges that are dynamically assigned and adjusted for each agent. The manager can also select team-based or individual contests that are fully automated. Agents can challenge each other on a daily basis in micro contests.

Success within the activities earns them points and badges and recognition on the leaderboards. Points are a critical part of the platform. Agents earn and spend them, gain an ability to change their avatars and interface, or even redeem them for prizes.

Manager Metrics Dashboards for Employee Performance

Managers have access to an administrative dashboard that allows them to track the quality of work, individual and team performance, user activity level, and more. This is where we’ve tried eliminating the grunt work of reporting and data aggregation for managers. nGAGEMENT is a smart platform with a machine learning component that continually analyzes team and users, their activities and performance.

nGUVU believes happy agents equal happy customers. If you look to supercharge your employee engagement and activate gamification on PureCloud, nGAGEMENT is the perfect addition. Let us know if you would like to learn more and see a customized demo.

View nGUVU’s webinar on-demand to learn more about their solution and visit the application listing and learn more about nGAGEMENT.

This is a guest blog post by the nGUVU nGAGEMENT team.