Mobilizing Agents to Improve Customer Experience

This blog post was co-authored by Genesys Technology Partner, Ideal Systems.

Cloud, mobile and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies might have had the largest impact changes within customer experience and customer service. Mobile use is rising in importance as a way for customers to evaluate your customer service while cloud and AI begin to take the mainstage for customer experience. AI enables you to better understand the customer journey, improve customer interactions and support Intelligent Process Automation. And cloud brings together all these technologies.

Despite this rise in AI and cloud, mobile still has the largest impact on how customers consume customer experience today. In every industry, mobile and mobile apps form the most important touchpoint to people who use, buy or are interested in their products and services.

The Slow Evolution of Customer Service

As tools and technologies like omnichannel desktops, self-service and workforce management  became available in the customer service realm, the customer service industry itself has barely evolved.

You can use AI to find the optimal match between customers and agents, but there’s no need to restrict us to the idea of contact center agents handling customers’ interactions. Beyond the formal contact center, there are many resources that collaborate on customer issues or take full advantage of opportunities as they arise. And they’re often uniquely qualified to address a customer situation in real time.

Extending customer service processes to resources outside of the contact center has many advantages. Customers have an exceptional experience when someone they know, someone with a special skill or someone knowledgeable about their issue treats them. Field service workers in utilities and manufacturing, branch employees and sales people in banking and insurance, nurses and doctors in health care all have unique knowledge and skills to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Companies can greatly benefit from integrating and optimizing the use of their workforce and their branches. Improved efficiency and flexibility that lets you optimize your workforce for peak moments has a huge impact on the cost of organizing your customer service.

And, your employees — your most valuable asset — show what they’re worth when they engage with your customers, improve their well-being at work and build a company culture that’s based on capitalizing emotional intelligence of employees, rather than simple efficiency rules.

Expand and Mobilize Customer Experience Specialists

Expanding and integrating other resources, outside of the contact center, requires you to use different tools. You also must ensure that customer interactions are handled seamlessly to blend with other employee activities. Sales representatives on the road should be able to take calls while driving, but they also need the ability to qualify and enter information in the CRM system after the interaction ends — when they arrive at the office or at home.

Mobile Office for Genesys extends the customer journey and communication to virtually anyone in the organization. Mobilizing contact center tools to an easy-to-use app empowers any employee to handle any type of interaction — calls, email, chat, SMS and even work items. At the same time, Genesys manages and maintains full control of the interaction while recording the mobile call.

Mobile Office for Genesys is an advanced mobile agent desktop solution on smartphone and tablet (available for Android and iOS), fully integrated with and extending the reach of Genesys® PureEngageTM, PureCloud® and PureConnectTM solutions to all employees in a company.

To learn more about how Mobile Office can impact your customer experience and customer service efficiency, click here or contact them today.