MIT Technology Review Insights: How Global Companies Are Winning at AI Deployment

If you’re looking at artificial intelligence (AI) to drive new customer experience innovation, put your time, budget and resources where they’ll have the most impact. No matter which global market you’re targeting—or which channels—it pays to hear what your peers have learned, where they’ve found efficiencies and how this all impact operating costs.

In a global survey of almost 600 executives conducted by MIT Technology Review Insights, 90% of companies reported deploying AI across some aspect of their customer journey. And early adopters are already reaping rewards in terms of efficiency, the ability to scale and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Take Advantage of the AI Opportunities

Most businesses surveyed by MIT have added AI enhancements to customer journeys—and this is true for all global regions. In other words, customers worldwide expect a high level of service that only the support of technology can provide. Some refer to this global trend as a case of AI technology in the middle of a deployment land grab—where management of it is still uncertain. But the train has left the station and it’s not slowing down.

Investment in AI is largely driven by efforts to improve customer experience efficiency. But as businesses become more comfortable with it, the strategic focus shifts toward deepening customer intimacy. This is particularly true for early adopters who are further ahead with improving customer experience and personalizing journeys. It also bodes well for those who’ve been waiting to see how AI shakes out before embarking on their own projects.

Despite the hurdles, most businesses have found measurable improvements in the speed of complaint resolution and enhanced call-volume processing using AI. In fact, gains in customer satisfaction improve revenue performance and customer lifetime value.

Initially, AI technology may increase operational costs, but there’s less cost for those who invest in customer sentiment analysis. Using tools, such as natural language analysis, enables businesses to see cost performance results from their investments. By investing in tools that drive deeper customer understanding, they can make smarter investment decisions.

Get the Global Perspective on AI Deployment

Companies around the world have embraced AI. The massive shifts in productivity enabled by AI and machine learning translate into an ability to respond to more subtle and personalized customer requirements. Companies are meeting more demanding customer expectations by using valuable insights to build deeper relationships with customers.

Join us for the webinar, “Humans and bots: How to blend human skills and AI to build customer intimacy and drive growth,” featuring Claire Beatty from MIT Technology Review Insights.

We’ll dive into survey results that highlight how companies blend AI with human agents to drive customer intimacy and revenue growth. Survey results cross all regions, including:

  • North America, 60% of the respondents believe they’ll deliver a 10% or more increase in customer lifetime value in the next year
  • Europe leads in using AI to increase brand awareness and build stronger customer experience talent
  • More than one-third of respondents in Asia Pacific can link the increased use of AI to revenue growth of more than 10%

Take advantage of expert advice from those leading the way and set your AI priorities for 2019.

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