Improve Loyalty and Increase Revenue with Customer Service

Guest blog by Harley Breth

This is a time of crises. A general sense of adaptation, fluidity and customization has materialized in the business landscape. Companies that meet customer needs will flourish. And underpinning that success is great customer experience.

The rewards of exceptional customer experience are undeniable. We can hear the evidence knocking on our office doors. The potential for greater yield from business is proportionate to an organization’s success at establishing noteworthy customer experiences. Eighty-six percent of buyers will pay more for a great customer experience. Additionally, a study from PWC shows that great customer experience generates up to 16% more revenue.

But the draw of great customer experience isn’t simply more revenue. It’s also a defense against unacceptable customer experiences. About a third of customers (32%) will sever ties with a brand they value following a single negative experience. Let that sink in.

Customer Loyalty Drives Business

The intense customer loyalty we might have associated with other factors also hinges on customer experience. People want delightful interactions with others. The crises of the past year have only heightened that truth.

There’s a remarkably human aspect in all of this. Customer experience depends entirely on the workforce: on employees and on people. Of course, this begins with leadership — those who formulate the organization’s vision. The humanity of the organization still counts. Studies show most consumers — 82% of US-based consumers and 74% of non-US consumers — desire more human interactions.

Technology Empowers Customer Experience and Revenue

Technology can’t strategize, fathom, conceptualize and implement itself. These capabilities are uniquely human. And consumers who propel our revenue forward want access to more technology.

But our technology can be a force-multiplier. Often, the overriding urge of the customer is expediency. It’s the main reason for incoming multichannel interactions. Helping customers when and how they want will nurture customer experience.

The Genesys Cloud™ platform is a single, robust tool that enables multichannel interactions. It allows customers to connect with your business in the ways they prefer. It empowers open interactions in whatever form your customer wants — chat, text, voice, email or social media.

Facilitating remarkable customer experience creates customer loyalty and revenue that propel your business forward. It’s also key to establishing your brand and developing a closeness with your customers. Customer experience drives customer behavior. And that, in turn, fuels the engines of success.

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