Imagine if… You could replace legacy platforms with a single solution

Imagine being able to migrate easily from your outdated contact center systems to a modern, omnichannel customer experience platform with everything you need to deliver engaging customer experiences. Now imagine all that — with dramatically lower risk, cost, complexity and faster time to business.

This is what large-scale businesses like Ping An Insurance are doing by migrating to a Genesys customer experience platform. Ping An, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is one of the largest insurers in the world — with operations across China, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as a global network of branches and representative agents in more than 150 countries. It ranks 10th in the Forbes Global 2000 list, topping all other insurance groups in the world.

Omnichannel Customer Experience for the Enterprise

Providing a growing range of insurance services and financial products, Ping An relied on a private cloud contact center with more than 50,000 agents at four on-premises and outsourcing sites.

Over the past 16 years, Genesys has become the largest vendor for the Ping An contact center, providing more than 20,000 agent seats for two sites — managing both voice and digital channels. Using the Genesys platform, Ping An also set up a video agent channel that expanded the number of agent seats by 5,000 — becoming the world’s largest video contact center as well as the first in China.

Migrating to a Modern Platform

Committed to transitioning into the online business sector, Ping An sought continued collaboration with Genesys to take advantage of the latest innovations, including artificial intelligence (AI), big data and the internet of things (IoT). It also wanted to deliver an intelligent omnichannel customer experience to develop various financial and health services. In short, Ping An wanted everything consolidated into a single, modern platform.

After considering its options, Ping An chose a Genesys customer experience platform to gradually migrate from its various legacy call center systems. The platform lets the company set up an advanced IVR system that supports AI and serves as a contextual personal guide, making self-service more efficient. And by taking advantage of the platform’s complete set of open APIs, Ping An now has the unified communication and contact center integration required to deliver an omnichannel customer experience.

This has led to some impressive results. For example, Ping An has seen a 73% improvement in its Net Promoter Score (NPS), with 78% of all requests resolved during the first call. It also has reduced phone platform system costs by 50% and, as a result, improved efficiency.

Ping An also relies on Genesys to remain compliant by recording all customer interactions. The insurer is required to record every customer interaction, so it needs an extremely reliable interaction recording system. It has been using Genesys Interaction Recording since 2014, without any recordings lost.

Ping An uses AI and big data to analyze and predict customer requests. Using knowledge base and customer persona, customers from inbound voice and digital channels are routed to the optimal agent to improve precision marketing. AI and video agents also support customers beyond geographic and working-time limitations to reduce acquisition costs.

Driving Digital Transformation Across Your Enterprise

Customer experience is the new frontier for maintaining a competitive advantage. With a Genesys omnichannel contact center platform, you can provide a personalized, customer-centric approach across all channels that differentiates your brand and builds loyalty.

With robust, user-friendly tools, you can exceed customer expectations for personalized, seamless interactions across voice, video, chat and other channels. Ping An took advantage of this to become a leader in contact center video service.

Leverage the Genesys customer experience platform to engage with your customers across their entire journey — delivering better business outcomes. For example, you can gain visibility into all your skilled resources in real-time and match every interaction to the best resource with predictive matching. You also can use AI to automate each dialog in self-service and choose the best agent with predictive routing in assisted service.

Your customer experience is inherently tied to your company’s success. A Genesys platform ensures that you reach your business objectives — whether that’s to improve contact center performance metrics, monitor interactions in real-time to support timely and informed decisions, or identify engagement patterns to optimize your customers’ journeys and experiences.

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