Imagine if… You could onboard agents 40% faster

Imagine having a contact center platform with the efficiency to deliver dramatic improvements when hiring new agents while boosting their productivity, increasing sales per seat and speeding campaign launch times. Companies like QuinStreet are achieving this agility, flexibility and responsiveness, thanks to the Genesys® PureCloud® solution.

QuinStreet, based in Brazil with global operations, is one of the world’s largest and most successful online performance marketing companies. It delivers qualified leads to help clients increase sales and reduce customer acquisition costs. For example, by identifying students who search online for courses, QuinStreet creates a potentially new revenue source for education providers. Its end-to-end solution generates and converts high-intent leads into high-quality customers — cost-effectively.

Agility is critical for QuinStreet: Once a lead has been generated by a prospect browsing the internet, agents have a limited window of opportunity to turn that lead into a sale. In fact, after 30 minutes, success is three times less likely. Therefore, speed-to-lead — the time it takes to make the initial contact — is a major competitive advantage.

Proprietary QuinStreet technology ensures that quality leads are delivered to contact centers within seconds. But such efficiency would be meaningless if there were a delay in reaching out because of operational or dialer inefficiencies. The company needed a solution to keep speed-to-lead under one minute after it’s generated.

The company runs two contact centers — each with different dialers and reporting tools. Previously, a lack of integration between the contact centers made it difficult to gather KPIs for decision making. To transform and unify its contact centers, QuinStreet moved to the PureCloud solution. The big breakthrough this implementation was being able to eliminate systems that couldn’t be linked before.

Efficiencies Across the Board

By consolidating daily performance information across both contact centers, the PureCloud solution has yielded a 10% improvement in campaign management efficiency. Custom real-time dashboards fuse together QuinStreet and Genesys data, creating actionable insights to troubleshoot performance issues. The new dashboards also contribute to an overall gain in agent productivity of about 20%. And supervisors can get new hires up the learning curve 40% faster than before.

Outbound operations are so efficient that prospects often are called just after they’ve clicked on a link or submitted a web form. So, agents get to qualify more leads on first contact, while the prospect is still online and active. And that leads to a 30% rise in sales per seat.

The friendly PureCloud solution interface empowers users. They create and fine-tune campaign rules themselves, incentivizing more A/B testing — experimenting with two versions of a web page or campaign to see which gets better results. QuinStreet has seen a 50% decrease in campaign launch times.

No Learning Curve for New Hires

Siloed applications and the need to repeat information frustrate not only your customers,  but also agents. With the PureCloud solution, employees have a single, easy-to-use desktop that handles every interaction, including showing customer details as the call, email or chat arrives. This feature helped QuinStreet dramatically improve learning curve time for its new hires.

The PureCloud solution is easy to deploy and easy to use: An intuitive interface enables fast account setup and seamless integration with existing systems. Everything agents need is built in, enabling you to automate tasks, get insights into customer journeys and gain operational efficiencies. Agents, supervisors, managers and administrators all use a common interface, which eliminates wasted time.

Most companies in the contact center industry either build point solutions or integrate acquisitions in separate silos. These software silos fail to provide adequate intra-company collaboration and data for reporting. Software silos also present adoption challenges for end users.

As QuinStreet has proven, blending unified communications and collaboration with PureCloud software bridges organizational silos for effortless collaboration and exceptional efficiencies. Check out the full QuinStreet story and then read this ebook to get the steps in successfully moving to the PureCloud solution.