How Conversation Analytics Changes the Customer Experience

This post was co-authored by Genesys AppFoundry partner, Call Journey.

In today’s consumer landscape, high-quality products are no longer enough to achieve customer satisfaction. Customers expect transparency, efficiency and accessibility from businesses they engage with. To meet these demands, review your customer strategies and allocate time and resources to provide an optimal customer experience.

The first step in improving customer experience is to analyze phone calls between your agents and your customers. Each of these conversations poses either an opportunity or a risk. Analyzing the hits and misses of each conversation and identifying potential problems that occur in these phone calls lets you mine invaluable information to improve customer service operations.

However, most companies don’t realize the importance of analyzing and accurately collecting data from phone calls. In an average 10-minute call, an alarming 80% of the conversation is mostly ignored; most customer feedback relies on post-call surveys.

Fortunately, advancements like natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI) make it easier to unlock every conversation. Using conversation analytics, you can convert unstructured data from all voice conversations into structured, searchable content. And that enables you to quickly harness actionable insights.

When every conversation is listened to, measured and analyzed, you can address the root cause of the problems, gain an accurate understanding of your Net Promoter Score (NPS), and provide the best experience for your customers.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Information gathered through conversation analytics gives you a full scope of factors to consider. It demonstrates where your customer service excels and pinpoints areas of improvement. You can recognize trigger points that cause customer churn and identify all calls that contain dissatisfied tones and sentiments. You can even search transcripts for specific keywords and phrases around dissatisfaction to determine what issues to address in your scripts and agent performance.

Conversation analytics lets you take a constant pulse of your customers to determine how well your business is performing and where gaps and opportunities are. This, ultimately, strengthens the relationship you have with your customers.

Data visibility is essential to understanding what your customers want to improve business processes. Monitoring all conversations and applying the same metrics to all of them across each business center creates transparent, consistent reporting. Conversation analytics eliminates the need to perform customer satisfaction surveys that take months to reap results — all necessary information is at your fingertips in just a few simple clicks.

Boost NPS

NPS is a useful metric that indicates how your business is performing. Voice data not only increases your score, it also drives the growth of your company. It captures context, dialogue, sentiment and emotion in every phone conversation with your customers, further establishing customer journey friction points to improve your NPS. Conversation analytics puts the voice in Voice of the Customer programs, allowing you to hear and measure business interactions with customers.

Genesys AppFoundry partner Call Journey offers Emotive Voice Stream, or EVS™, an AI-based engine that transcribes your audio recordings into text and delivers a rich stream of metadata that contains information about the conversation. This includes every word spoken, the gender of the customer, percentage of silence, sentiment, emotion, call duration, agent identification, emotional intelligence, percentage of overtalk and call success scores. To learn more about Call Journey EVS, visit their solution on the AppFoundry marketplace, available on PureCloud and PureConnect platforms.