Genesys Predictive Routing: Supercharge Connections with AI

It’s said that first impressions matter. This especially rings true within the contact center.

A vast amount of time, money and resources are spent building the underlying infrastructure of a contact center to deliver a great customer experience. But organizations often fall at the last mile in connecting the customer to the right agent.

In the “State of Customer Service Experience” report, the Northridge Group found that during the pandemic, first-contact resolution declined from 53% to 42%, increasing effort for customers and costs for businesses. The report also noted that 60% of customers are asked to repeat the same information. With statistics like this, it’s obvious why customers grow frustrated with contact centers and abandon their calls completely.

A Groundbreaking Advancement in Contact Center Routing

Genesys is excited to announce artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Predictive Routing built on the cloud — a transformative new way to connect your customers to the right agents. Genesys Predictive Routing uses machine learning to work in real time to continuously analyze hundreds of different data points to predict outcomes and match customers to the best agents to resolve calls efficiently and effectively. Genesys Predictive Routing automatically combines customer, agent and interaction data and continuously retrains on the latest dataset to adapt to new data points. It also scales to provide incremental improvements in key customer experience, operational and sales metrics like Net Promoter Score, average handle time (AHT) and transfer rates.

Implementing AI

It used to be difficult to implement AI; many previous attempts at using AI for call routing used very labor-intensive, non-automated methods with teams of data scientists and professional service resources needed. And this all resulted in only minimal uplift in KPIs. Not only was this approach costly, it also was highly disruptive to your business. You’d often have to rip and replace your entire routing infrastructure to accommodate this first-generation AI solution.

Historically, organizations approached AI call routing solutions with a lot of skepticism as KPI results were often developed in a “black box approach,” with vendors leading with a “trust us your business has improved” mentality. But now, in the era of automation and data-driven decisions, this approach feels unreliable and antiquated.

Genesys Predictive Routing is a radically new way to implement AI for call routing; it’s a turnkey cloud solution that analyzes your queues to determine which are the best candidates for optimization. Once you’ve chosen the most optimal queues, you can simply click a button to switch on your 30-day free trial — and wait for the results. And because all your data is AI-ready and you have fully automated AI lifecycle capabilities, the system is constantly adapting to the changes within your contact center. So there’s no need to wrangle data or have an army of data scientists.

With Genesys Predictive Routing, you aren’t kept in the dark on how your call routing solution is performing or how it produces your results. You have full transparency and visibility into the results and the process. The solution works alongside your current call routing software, which allows you to maximize your current investment. You’ll see benefits from Day One.

Contact centers have continued to gather more critical data on agents and customers. And advancements in machine learning enable you to improve your contact center KPIs. You can monitor and AB-test all of these in real time through our dashboard.

Here’s a look at some customer results after implementing Genesys Predictive Routing.

  • A call center specialist organization reduced its AHT by 14% and transfer rates by 5%. It also increased speed of answer by 16% on the first day.
  • A large insurance agency reduced its AHT by 7.2%.
  • A travel agency saw a 15.5% reduction in AHT.

Improving the Agent Experience

Being unable to answer a customer query is as frustrating to the agent as it is to your customer. The longer your customers wait on hold, the more inpatient they become. And they’ll pass that frustration and discomfort onto your agents.

Happy customers translate into happy agents. Genesys Predictive Routing allows you to boost your agents’ performance and morale by identifying which type of calls they excel at — and then routing those calls to them more frequently.

To learn more about Genesys Predictive Routing, check out the latest podcast.