Genesys Cloud Feature Releases: What’s New in July 2020

We might be nearing the end of summer, but the continuous feature releases for the Genesys CloudTM platform are nowhere near slowing down. In July, we added enhanced integration capabilities for native and third-party bots, a new app for workforce engagement, new operational tools for voice and more. Here’s a roundup of the most recent feature releases in Genesys Cloud.

Amplify Native Bot Capabilities with Genesys Dialog Engine Integration for Digital

Improve agent efficiency and easily create and process chat, SMS and messaging bot flows with the Genesys Dialog Engine integration and Call Dialog Engine Bot action in Architect. Automating the initial conversation equips the bot to understand customer intent and then route the customer to the appropriate agent.

You can also create knowledge bots to efficiently respond to questions that customers frequently ask. Disambiguation techniques used in Dialog Engine knowledge bots more quickly resolve queries — and that improves the overall customer experience.

Increase Operational Efficiency with Google Dialogflow Integration for Chat and Messaging Flows

In addition to existing call flow functionality, you can use the Call Dialogflow Bot action in Architect to process chat and messaging interactions. This enables virtual agents to converse seamlessly with customers — via digital or voice channels — and collect intent for self-service fulfillment. It also allows the system to gracefully escalate to a human agent for more complex interactions.

Easily View and Manage Genesys Cloud Schedule From a Phone

The Genesys Tempo™ mobile app for Genesys Cloud empowers your workforce to manage their schedules from their personal mobile devices. Currently available for Android phones, users can view their schedules and submit and view the status of time-off requests. Additional functionalities, such as shift trading and push notifications, as well as iOs compatibility, are coming soon.

Optimize Customer Journey Orchestration Through Architect Workflows

Architect workflows provide an open interface that let you easily link Genesys AI and customer experience management with existing third-party systems to optimize the customer journey and drive next-best actions.

Suppose that your customer mails in a bill payment and there’s a problem processing it. Within Architect, you can design a workflow to determine how to best reach out to the customer to resolve this situation – both proactively and reactively. The artificial intelligence (AI) engine uses the customer’s contact information and communication channels to determine the best way to contact them. These contact methods can include SMS, using an outbound campaign and even adding a personal pop-up if they come to your website. You can also combine this with sequential multichannel escalation. The system uses the Genesys AI engine and continual training from prior interactions to select the most successful strategy.

Analytics Your Way: Digital Flow Support and Improvements in Performance Views

Gain better insights into all your flows with digital media support for inbound chat, email and message flows through the Flows Performance view. Continued enhancements to Performance Dashboards include customization options for widgets, new date span options, and more flexibility in how you can view agent and trend data.

Simplify How You Manage Voice Capabilities

Configure voice functionality more efficiently with new networking and administration options, which also provide additional security options. Features include support for the TLS trunk transport protocol for use with Bring Your Own Carrier cloud trunks (PCI-compliant), a new Force TURN feature for Genesys Cloud WebRTC implementation and more.

For a full list of July feature releases, visit the Release Notes section of the Genesys Cloud Resource Center. If you have additional questions, ask the online Genesys Cloud Community or reach out to your Genesys contact. And register for our upcoming Genesys innovations webinar to hear firsthand what’s new with Genesys cloud solutions.


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