Genesys Cloud Feature Releases: What’s New in December 2020

The only constant in 2020 was change. We all had to adapt in ways we never would have imagined. Genesys CloudTM customers continued to perform Super Human Service in the face of adversity, demonstrating they truly care about their customers and employees.

December was a good time to reflect on these moments and gaze toward 2021 with a hopeful eye. It also was a time for the Genesys Cloud team to deliver new capabilities to help you accelerate and realize the possibilities of a new year. Following are a few December additions we wanted to highlight.


Data is critical for gaining the insights needed to care for customers and employees. That’s why we’re constantly enhancing the Genesys Cloud analytics capabilities. This includes additional visualizations and metrics, as well as improved usability.

Performance dashboard enhancements make it easy to add interactive content from third-party sources, such as streaming videos, real-time charts, news feeds, social media and more. Genesys Cloud metrics that can be displayed in dashboards were enhanced as well. You can now see agent adherence, more detailed status information and if SLAs were met for queues.

Many metrics were made available in Agent Views, too. The following is an example of a dashboard that shows weather information from a third-party source and agent adherence information from Genesys Cloud.

Workforce Engagement Management

Workforce engagement management (WEM) continues to be a primary focus for innovation at Genesys. Rescheduling has been enhanced, making it easier to add new hires to established schedules.

New search capabilities for voice transcriptions have been added for quality assurance and compliance purposes. In quality assurance you now have the option to turn off group weighting within evaluation forms. And we’ve added a new data-driven, machine-learning model has been added to improve estimated wait time (EWT) calculations.

Global Diversity

Diversity is an important part of the Genesys culture as well as our customers’. Servicing customers from across the globe, we understand the value in recognizing each person’s uniqueness. Users can now choose the skin tone of emojis when chatting and with SMS interactions. This lets you offer a more familiar face to end customers and allows agents to celebrate diversity using emojis that better reflect who they are.

Global Availability

Customers continue to request multi-regional requirements. To maintain the highest quality of service, wherever your customers are located, Genesys Cloud Voice services are now available in Austria, Poland and Portugal. This increases the number of supported countries to 17 across the Americas and Europe.

Additional Enhancements

You shape how customers perceive your brand when they’re prospects. So, it’s important to visualize and optimize the entire journey across marketing, sales, and service.

Significant enhancements were made to integrate Genesys Cloud with leading marketing solutions from top companies. The integration between Genesys Predictive Engagement and Adobe Analytics is a great example of this. And native journey analytics capabilities have been enhanced through our journey aggregate query in the Analytics API.

Building on Good Things

These are a just a few of the important capabilities introduced in December. For a full list, visit the Release Notes in the Genesys Cloud Resource Center. If you have any questions, simply bring them to the online Genesys Cloud Community or your Genesys representative.

Throughout 2020, we added over 250 new features to the Genesys Cloud platform. Lean on these — and the many more to come throughout 2021 — as you chart a new way forward and tackle whatever happens. Here’s to continuing to focus on getting better, together, and delivering Super Human experiences that show customers and employees they matter more to us than just business outcomes.