Genesys Cloud: Battle Tested, Omdia Approved

Over the course of the last few months, cloud contact centers have been put to the test. They’ve served as the foundation for many organizations making rapid business pivots, enabling hundreds of thousands of employees to work from home seemingly overnight and deal with unprecedented levels of customer inquiries. Not only did the Genesys Cloud™ platform prove it was up for the challenge — it passed with flying colors.

This came as no surprise to us. After all, the platform was built to ensure business continuity so organizations could deliver service to customers across any channel with speed, security and reliability, even under pressure. And, that’s what has earned Genesys Cloud its most recent stripe – a leadership designation in the OMDIA Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution, 2020 – 2021.

Omdia evaluated nine companies in the cloud contact center market. Genesys was named one of three leaders, receiving high marks for its long record of innovation, product breadth and depth, credibility, and financial stability. Notably, Genesys Cloud scored 9.0 or better out of 10 in the Omdia technology assessment. And it received strong, consistent ratings from customers. In particular, the platform shines for its security, multichannel capabilities, interoperability, solution breadth and depth, and strategy.

Technology Capabilities  

We’re delighted that Omdia recognized Genesys Cloud for its technology capabilities, which is a testament to our vision and the platform’s effectiveness. This technological depth is a key reason Omdia says Genesys Cloud is “appealing to businesses of all sizes and across most vertical markets.”

We couldn’t agree more. Genesys Cloud was built as an all-in-one-solution and as a platform with public APIs. It offers a highly scalable architecture that supports complex, global organizations ranging from 25 to 25,000 agents across all verticals. In fact, our top 50 Genesys Cloud customers have an average of 1,500 users. And, customers appreciate the platform’s availability and resiliency, which are among the best in the market.

Cloud-Delivered Innovation

Our relentless commitment to innovation ensures that businesses using the Genesys Cloud platform can easily address ever-evolving consumer expectations across the rapidly growing communication channels they use to connect. Not only do we invest more in research and development than the other top contact center competitors, but we focus nearly all of that on cloud-delivered innovation. This is what’s fueling the rapid velocity of new Genesys Cloud artificial intelligence (AI) applications, such as native workforce engagement management, predictive engagement, digital capabilities and integrations with partners like Microsoft.

Global Footprint

Omdia also highlighted the expansive reach of the Genesys Cloud platform as a core strength. According to the report, “Genesys is ahead of most cloud customer engagement companies with its globalization efforts, and today it boasts of being able to support any agent, anywhere in the world.”

With customers worldwide, the Genesys Cloud global presence and reach is undeniable. In addition, with our growing partner ecosystem, we’re making it even easier for businesses anywhere to leverage Genesys Cloud to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Plus, the platform is now available in nine AWS Regions, further enabling organizations to address data sovereignty in multiple geographies while providing them with added flexibility, redundancy and scale.

Cloud Leadership

Not only are we one of the top market leaders named in the Omdia report, we’re the only company evaluated that provides both cloud and on-premises offerings. This uniquely positions Genesys to help any company — regardless of where they are in their cloud migration plans — to leverage AI, automation and digital capabilities so they can provide proactive, tailored experiences that build customer trust and loyalty.

With more customer communication channels than ever to manage, higher expectations for personalized service and a rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations need a contact center that’s built for the future. They need a solution that’s powerful enough to help them weather any storm, flexible enough to handle uncertainty and agile enough to seize opportunities. That contact center platform is Genesys Cloud.

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