Extending Our Ecosystem of Empathy in Action with Google Cloud


Crises are often catalysts for change. They accelerate trends that, in calmer waters, might be slower to take root. Now, nearly two years into the pandemic, much of the world is settling into new norms that likely will outlast COVID-19.

Whether it’s how we work, learn, connect with family or support social causes, many of the old ways of doing things are rapidly becoming obsolete. In business, for example, we’ve seen some of the world’s largest and most valuable companies embrace new, modern and fluid digital customer engagement strategies.

Successful organizations know that finding new customers costs more than keeping them — and one bad experience can drive away even the most loyal followers. That’s why companies are investing in Experience as a Service® and embracing empathy to build trust.

We’re building the Experience as a Service market to help companies meet today’s customers where they are. It’s a paradigm shift, and no single company can achieve the amount of change we’re thinking of alone.

We’ve enlisted some of the world’s most innovative companies to complement Genesys industry-leading cloud contact center software. And today, we’ve announced an expansion of our relationship with Google Cloud, adding their innovative technologies to the solutions we offer.

Experience as a Service requires continuous innovation. Together, Genesys and Google Cloud will pursue new products and services in the areas of:

  • Customer journey orchestration
  • Automated customer care with integrated internet of things and customer service
  • Predictive customer satisfaction using Genesys with Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI)
  • AI-driven multifactor authentication with geolocation verification
  • Integration of Google Search, Google Maps and other Google services into customer experience (CX)

We’re excited about this new expansion. Together, our joint contact center AI delivers personalized customer experiences. For the past three years, we’ve combined the Google Cloud natural language understanding and speech analytics with our CX software. As a result, contact center agents can more quickly and conversationally address complex customer questions. Our customers also use Google Cloud CCAI to create bots that reduce workloads for contact center agents.

That said, our work with Google Cloud is only part of our much broader effort to orchestrate better client experiences.

Our ecosystem of strategic alliances, with companies like Adobe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Zoom, are relentlessly focused on improving customer and contact center employee experiences. We’re doing it with cutting-edge AI; insight-rich, data-driven solutions; and digital-first interfaces.

This approach is rooted using Empathy in Action — the cycle of listening to customers, understanding them and predicting their likely behaviors, acting, and finally, learning from these interactions. Empathy in Action is the foundation for the Experience as a Service market.

Visit us online to learn more about our partnership with Google Cloud.