Empower Your Agents And Improve Scheduling Efficiency

A WFM smartphone app. Agents love it, and organizations start to see its positive impact on their Scheduling efficiency.

Happy agents mean happy customers: Empowering contact center agents has gained strategic importance in many organizations recently. Empowerment means that agents have control over the way they handle customer inquiries. It also means they have more control over their work-life balance.

Giving your agents the right mobile workforce management tools can make their lives easier and empower them to:

  • Check their work schedules on their own smartphones — at any time and any place
  • Submit their work preferences and time-off requests and receive updates
  • Trade shifts with their colleagues independently

Giving them these tools will also have positive effects on your contact center.

Improving Scheduling Efficiency

Introducing a mobile WFM app can significantly benefit supervisors and planners. Organizations demonstrate up to 80% reduction in time it takes to handle intra-day changes. Following are four key areas that could see improvements from the app.

  1. Save time handling agent sick leave and return to work. Updating schedules when agents call in sick (or are late) — and once they’re well enough to get back to work — consumes valuable time for supervisors and planners.
  2. Respond faster to intra-day changes. Completely reduce the lead time between when an agent reports in absent or late and when your traffic or planning team can see the actual impact in schedule coverage.
  3. Optimize the use of your agents. Reduce the time it takes agents to update their work preferences or trade shifts.
  4. Reach out to your agents more effectively. Effortlessly reach out to your agents to get their attention or feedback.

Different organizations have different procedures and priorities, all companies — no matter their size — will see benefits. To define a positive impact to your organization or to learn more about the WFM Buddy smartphone app, visit the app listing in the AppFoundry Marketplace.

This blog was co-authored by Olav Wilke. Olav is Managing Director at Prime Contact, providing smart technologies and expertise that complement the Genesys offering. Prior to joining Prime Contact, Olav worked at Genesys for almost 2 decades, in a variety of sales, channels and educational roles.