Empathy in Action Is What Customers Need Now

Today, consumer expectations for better customer experiences are higher than ever before. Traditionally, companies have measured customer experience by efficiency (doing things quickly) and effectiveness (doing things well). However, in today’s world, efficiency and effectiveness are no longer enough — especially at this time of physical distance during the global pandemic. We must leverage what makes us human to stay socially connected; and that’s empathy. 

Empathy is the human ability to listen and understand one’s situation and treat that person with respect. Empathy brings people, companies and society together. Empathy is what makes customers feel heard and understood. That creates trust — and trust creates loyalty. In the era of personalization, empathy serves as the key driver and differentiator in winning the loyalty of customers. Ultimately, customer loyalty drives growth.

Empathy is critical, yet it’s something most companies are missing today. How do companies operationalize and measure empathy? The approach we’ve discovered is called Empathy in Action™. The four actions are: Listen, Understand and Predict, Act, and Learn. These four actions are in a perpetual cycle to deliver great experiences for customers.

Genesys enables empathy in action through our Experience as a ServiceSM vision. We bring together multiple customer engagement channels, data that resides in our own platform as well as with third parties, and innovative technologies, including digital, artificial intelligence (AI) and workforce engagement management. We’re unique in our ability to orchestrate all these components to deliver personalized experiences to customers. And it’s through these personalized experiences that we enable empathy between companies and customers.

Experience as a Service is a big aspirational vision — much bigger than anyone else in our industry today. And we’re the only company that can deliver on this promise. We’re proud to be the enabler and orchestrator in delivering empathetic experiences to our customers.

Let me share a couple of great customer examples.

Nu Skin, a global leader in premium-quality beauty and wellness products, had a goal to provide an all-inclusive tool — instead of using multiple tools and systems — to improve its agent and employee experiences. The Genesys single platform and our empathic approach helped Nu Skin better connect with customers and respond to their needs. The company has already seen benefits at scale beyond efficiency and effectiveness, which allows it to deliver quick wins that show a high level of empathy and higher customer satisfaction.

Aeroméxico, the flag carrier airline of Mexico, was facing an extremely difficult situation because of the global pandemic. The company’s priority was to quickly set up agents to work remotely without service interruption. Aeroméxico focused on embedding empathy in action for its customers and employees, while ensuring safety and service continuity. Through the Genesys CloudTM platform, its agents were working from home within 36 hours. Our team worked side by side with Aeroméxico to ensure a smooth transition to these new ways of working. We listened, understood and acted to solve its business challenges to deliver the best solutions.

Our vision is resonating with customers, partners, analysts and our employees. This week, we’re hosting our annual kickoff for employees, where we will celebrate the best year in Genesys history. Through our cloud and multicloud offerings, we’re now number one in market share in Contact Center as a Service (CCaS)* — with one of the fastest growing SaaS platforms in the industry.

We’re gearing up for an even bigger year as we strive to achieve our purpose: To deliver the power of empathy to every experience.

*Source: IDC data and market filings for contact center market share, by revenue, as of Q3, 2020.