Elevate Customer Experiences with Location-Based Services

The evolution of internet-connected technologies and the proliferation of mobile devices have had significant impacts on businesses approach and customer experience management. Instant mobile access to information and the ability to communicate with others has enabled customers to make more informed purchasing decisions and quickly share experiences – both good and bad! As a result, customer expectations have changed with an emphasis on personalized experiences. Location-based services (LBS) significantly impacts those personalized experiences.

Bad customer experiences are costing businesses approximately $1.6 trillion. If your mobile customer is being asked to enter a zip code they don’t know, or spend time telling an agent where they are – instead of the system automatically knowing – then you’re losing time, which is money. In fact, 72% of customers expect an agent to know their contact information and service history without being asked.

Call centers have morphed into customer experience centers that support a variety of communication channels from voice, email, social media, chat, text messaging services and more! Operating in a customer experience center has elevated the importance of LBS, as location data delivers critical contextual information you can use to create a personalized experience.

In order to meet the LBS needs, Genesys has partnered with LocationSmart to offer an optimal solution for customer experience centers to automatically add caller location context to the engagement experience. LocationSmart is the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company and it enables device location awareness for enterprise and consumer applications.

What can LocationSmart and location-based services do for my customer experience?

Location-based services can be a key differentiator for personalization and cost-savings. LocationSmart’s cloud-based location and messaging platform equips contact centers with automated caller location to help reduce expenses, enhance operational efficiencies and facilitate best-in-class customer experiences.

Genesys and LocationSmart can be integrated as complementary technologies for a powerful combo to address a myriad of challenges for contact centers.

How do location-based services reduce expenses?

Automating caller location streamlines contact center procedures in a variety of ways and this can cut unnecessary expenses.

• Decrease human error by eliminating the need to enter addresses manually
• Obtain caller location when caller does not know where they are
• Reduce call duration and abandonment rate by automating inefficient user experiences

How can location-based services enhance operational efficiencies?

Integrating the LocationSmart platform into your contact center will consolidate time-intensive processes so you can maximize productivity and focus on other critical business functions. Utilizing location-based services can assist with the following processes.

• Call Routing: Route calls to the appropriate regional or local answering point to optimize service levels
• Priority Call Queuing: Advance priority calls from specific geographic locations to the top of the queue for emergency or high volume situations
• Service Assistance: Use mobile location to enhance customer experience and streamline dispatch to the appropriate location
• Proximity Services: Enable call-based store locators and “find the nearest” services so customers are not required to enter ZIP codes

What services does LocationSmart offer customer experience centers?

The LocationSmart platform is a cloud-based technology with no software or app to download, so it can be easily integrated into existing voice programs or it can be implemented in the beginning stages. For contact centers, LocationSmart provides cross-carrier mobile network location, IP location, and messaging services.

Where can I learn more about LocationSmart and location-based services?

Watch the interview below with Sam Knight, VP Customer Success at LocationSmart for additional details and demos of their services.

Additionally, please visit the LocationSmart profile on Genesys AppFoundry and learn how location-based services can benefit your business.