Driving Workforce Engagement in the Cloud and On-Premises

The work culture is changing. Now, workforce engagement — and the employee experience — both play large roles in delivering an exceptional customer experience and pushing your business ahead of your competition. But in this new era of remote work, delivering that exceptional customer experience goes beyond operational efficiency.

The next level of workforce engagement management solutions let you take a step forward to provide Experience as a ServiceSM to customers and positive outcomes to employees. Genesys understands the value of agents and the importance of empowering them to perform at their best — even as the workforce paradigm shifts.

In the virtualized workforce, where many agents are working from home, contact center mangers need motivational approaches and tools to keep those agents engaged, enthusiastic about work and feeling that they’re a necessary piece in the business’ success.

Measuring Employee Success

Contact centers that rely heavily on traditional workforce optimization and performance metrics to drive agent and operational efficiency often see an increase in turnover numbers, dips in employee performance and workforce disengagement. Genesys Workforce Engagement Management aims to reduce disengagement and give managers the tools to facilitate everyday tasks. And now it’s available to all customers.

While the Genesys Workforce Engagement Management solution was born in the cloud, we’ve expanded its capabilities to a hybrid consumption model. This gives all our Genesys CloudTM customers rapid access to innovations — no matter which environment or type of deployment they have.

Take advantage of quality assurance and compliance, resource management, and employee performance features of Genesys Workforce Engagement Management tools as well as the artificial intelligence capabilities that cloud enables — machine learning, intelligent self-service and next-best actions — without having to fully migrate to the cloud. This also means you can begin your transformation at your own pace.

At its core, Genesys leadership upholds a culture that understands the value of the employee and aims to create a work-life balance. And it has built these pillars — a sense of belonging, the opportunity for growth and holistic alignment — into its WEM solution. In addition, new capabilities and processes are available, including recruitment and onboarding processes, automating employee evaluations, agent assistance, task management and employee empowerment using gamification. This means that various stakeholders — agents, supervisors, managers, quality evaluators, planners and forecasters — are involved in employee engagement.

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