Create Secure Interactions Without Compromising Customer Experience

This blog post was co-authored by Genesys technology partner, LumenVox.

Everyone likes a good catchphrase. Short phrases like, “Live long and prosper” or “Go ahead… make my day” have entertained the world for years. It’s time to make a simple phrase like, “At ABC, my voice is my password,” create a safer customer experience while increasing operational efficiency for your business.

Conversational dialogs have been the goal of well-architected self-service solutions since DTMF systems became passé. Reducing the amount of frustration callers experience when dealing with an organization has been a top priority of enterprises for some time. But often, we reach a certain level of annoyance at some point in the question-and-answer process that ultimately leads to aggravation.

And, if we need to repeat that entire scenario — if and when we’re transferred to a live agent — the level of dissatisfaction can result in a negative impression of an organization and its products or services. This type of experience occurs all too often and can ultimately lead to losing a customer to your competition.

Benefits of Conversational Self-Service
Implementing technologies that enable conversational self-service solutions in the contact center is an evolutionary step in providing a frictionless customer experience. With voice biometrics technologies, authentication in the IVR is effortless and allows customers to be validated quickly. And this enables them to complete the task they set out to accomplish.

Additionally, this process is more secure than traditional authentication methods, it enhances the customer experience, and it shows that your organization is innovative and customer-focused. Plus, it’s an outstanding branding vehicle. When a customer authenticates themselves, the system can prompt the caller to say a custom phrase such as, “At ABC, my voice is my password.”

Because there are hundreds of physical and behavioral characteristics associated with someone’s voice, it’s unique to every individual — ensuring security. When you combine voice biometrics with multifactor authentication, it’s virtually impossible for a hacker to outsmart the system.

The need for a strong authentication solution has never been more critical. PINs, passwords and knowledge-based authentication often are forgotten and have been deemed unreliable tokens because of social engineering and large-scale breaches. These hacks have left our personal information exposed to the dark web and criminals who are ready to perform an account takeover or worse — identity theft.

Voice Biometrics in Your Contact Center

Using a voice biometrics technology like Active Voice Biometric Authentication from LumenVox offers you several advantages. Here are just a few.

Happy customers: Multiple surveys have shown that customers don’t like current authentication methods. Using voice biometrics makes authentication easy and quick while eliminating stressful challenge questions, pins or personal information. This improves the overall customer journey.

Increased security: By validating a claimed identity with highly secure voice biometrics as part of your multifactor authentication, you provide the strongest authentication available to your customers. LumenVox Active Authentication on the Genesys® PureCloud® application reduces the risk of brand disruption and poor customer experiences.

Improved bottom line: The use of voice biometrics reduces operational costs and increases operational efficiency by reducing average handle time. It also gives customers more self-service options.

With millions of voiceprints all over the word, LumenVox Active Authentication on the PureCloud application delivers an accurate, scalable and flexible voice biometric authentication platform built to quickly validate your customer’s identity early in an interaction. This makes it ideal for self-service applications such as IVR, web portals or smartphone applications. Whether you use it to authenticate a caller, provide access to additional functionality or render an additional layer of security for high-risk transactions, LumenVox Active Voice Biometric Authentication provides a simple way to validate customers’ identities with one simple phrase.

To learn more about LumenVox Active Voice Biometric Authentication for the PureCloud application, and how your organization can benefit from reduced fraud and an enhanced customer experience, watch the on-demand webinar, visit the LumenVox listing in the AppFoundry Marketplace, both available in PureCloud and PureEngage. Or send us an email at