Build the Omnichannel Contact Center of Your Dreams

In the contact center business, you might dream of the perfect platform — one that’s designed from the ground-up to deliver the best possible customer experience. It’s important to engage our customers, anticipate their needs and communicate with them on their preferred channelsTo do that, you need a contact center platform that supports IT teams and employees — by automating administrative tasks and delivering tools, analytics, and technology that can evolve with business. Still, that could seem like a lot to ask, especially when your business is unique. It takes a thorough understanding of what you have and where you want to go to succeed with your omnichannel customer experience.

The Benefits of Omnichannel

An omnichannel contact center lets you deliver proactive, contextual interactions to your customers, effortlessly. The contact center eliminates the operational silos typically found in a multichannel approach.

And, with an omnichannel platform, customers and agents can shift channels seamlessly, without losing context. You can design and monitor even complex customer journeys using routing to deliver interactions automatically to the best available resource.

Design Your Contact Center

The Genesys CX blueprint builder lets you design and customize an omnichannel contact center with your business circumstances and goals in mind — no matter your company size or vertical. Address the unique needs of your business and customers by selecting the characteristics and capabilities that are most important to you.

The tool guides you through the selection process, looking at each of the following elements:


Artificial intelligence (AI)-based contact center innovations enable both voice and digital self-service systems to understand the real meaning behind a customer’s questions and then deliver only relevant answers. With self-service, you can address the rising expectations across all your channels — saving your agents for escalations.


Today’s ever-evolving digital business model requires you to keep up with new channels and types of customer engagement. Omnichannel capabilities let you align with customer expectations and serve digital consumers on their terms.


Despite the growing importance of self-service, voice is still the go-to channel for most escalated interactions. Look to an inbound call center solution that lets you match each caller with the best representative across any location or infrastructure. Creating successful, personalized phone interactions builds customer loyalty.


Proactively communicating with prospects in a timely, personalized and contextual way is good business. And, when you extend that across multiple automated and agent-assisted outbound channels, great things happen. Customers appreciate when you keep them informed over their preferred channels.


You can’t provide a good customer experience if you don’t properly manage your workforce. A top-notch workforce engagement management tool with an intuitive user interface can provide easy access to key statistics, such as volume and handle time. It also enables forecasting and scheduling across channels, supports various back-office operations and types of work, and offers features like bidding and trading of shifts as well as mobile access.


Integrating your contact center with existing systems and applications improves the customer experience. Third-party applications extend the reach of your software — adding new capabilities as needed.


Having access to relevant information and business perspective across all channels — when and where you need it — lets you act quickly and confidently to make fact-based decisions and improve performance. Receiving all necessary data in a single interface makes it easier to manage your contact center and deliver the customer experience you want.

Time for a Contact Center Transformation

Developing a strong omnichannel platform guarantees you’re on the path to delivering the personalized experience your customers demand. Determine the current state of your contact center. Use the Genesys CX blueprint builder to get a clear picture of the best steps to take to transform your contact center.