Bring Enterprise Level Social Capabilities to PureCloud

HelpSocial recently announced their integration with Genesys PureCloud for social customer care abilities. The integration brings enterprise-level social customer care abilities to the PureCloud agent interface – something needed for any brand working towards omnichannel goals. While the ability to have conversations with customers across social media and messaging networks is exciting, there are additional use cases for this integration that reach deeper into building amazing customer experiences across all channels.

For example, did you know, with HelpSocial, you can escalate an inbound phone call based on the customers most recent negative social history? AND, even though the announcement of our integration of social conversations was specific to the PureCloud platform, all the use-cases below apply to PureConnect and PureEngage as well! Keep reading – this is exciting stuff!

Since the beginning of businesses getting involved in social media, in nearly every company, social activities have been the responsibility of teams reporting into the marketing organization. Many large brands have brought social customer care into the contact center (usually through stand-alone social management tools), but in most companies, social response is still handled by a dedicated social media team in marketing. There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this, but it does create a huge problem for customer experience leaders who want to make use of social insights in the contact center.

We like to say that marketing is often like Vegas – what happens in marketing, stays in marketing. In most cases, the social tools used there do not integrate well with the contact center (often, not at all). So, while we can compile data for Voice of the Customer analytics, for example, with every communication channel in the contact center, we miss out on the massive amount of information being shared in social networks. Often, this real-time information is all we need to take actions that prevent a customer from leaving us for the competition.

So, the question is, how are contact center leaders supposed to have a 360-degree view of the customer journey or obtain their omnichannel goals when a big chunk of the customer journey is hidden away from them?

Integrating HelpSocial with Genesys’ customer experience platform solves this problem. The integration brings the ability to use the data from social comments and conversations to improve the customer experience in other channels – even if marketing is solely handling social media monitoring and social care responses.

How does this work? HelpSocial’s listening engine monitors every comment, post, and tweet mentioning your brand, products and interests. We see passive comments made by your customers as well as the conversations they have with your social marketing team. With every activity we find, we enrich the message by adding attribute information such as category topics (message intent), sentiment information, priority status and even contextual data points pulled from CRMs and data warehouses. We store everything in our platform, which is exposed by a completely open API so it can be used for historical trend analytics or for real-time use.

Effectively, what we’re talking about here is creating a bridge from the contact center to the social insights of the marketing department. This gives the customer service organization a complete view of the customer journey and every touchpoint along the way –from within their contact center platform.

An important note – we’re doing this without requiring marketing to find a way to integrate with the contact center systems, swap out their tool-set or change their processes. If marketing decides they want to continue to handle social monitoring and response, there’s no problem with that. Because of the HelpSocial integration, the gap between the data from social interactions in marketing and the contact center is gone.

The use cases for enhancing the customer experience with social insights are too many to list on this post – but we’ve got some of the most popular for you to check out in the slide deck embedded below. These span from Voice of the Customer programs that include real-time churn prevention and trend analysis for business process optimization, to innovative tactics like predictive routing, which cuts down customer effort and total resolution time by bypassing the IVR flow, automatically routing the customer to an agent skill-set based on the very recent social complaints they just posted.

With our automated IVR-type capabilities that can be applied to inbound digital messages, we believe we’re on the cusp of seeing some very exciting advances in customer service. Check out the deck below and visit our AppFoundry solution listing for PureCloud – we can’t wait to see the use cases you come up with!

This post was co-authored by Matt Wilbanks. Matt is CEO and Co-Founder of HelpSocial, the #1 platform for integrating digital channels with the contact center. HelpSocial started as an internal project at Rackspace Hosting in 2010. Matt and Co-Founder, Robert Collazo, created the technology to help bring new social channels into the service systems used across the business. Together, with initial seed funding from Mark Cuban, Celebrity Shark Tank investor and Dallas Mavericks owner, they took the technology out of Rackspace and started HelpSocial in 2014.