Boost Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction with Video-Based Support

It can be frustrating trying to help a customer who can’t accurately explain an issue. Maybe they’re using different terminology or don’t know how to explain the location of the issue on the product. More commonly, perhaps, there’s a language barrier or bad phone connection. And, before you know it, your customer is angry with your business operation and product because they can’t communicate the product issue effectively.

That situation is all too familiar with businesses across the world. That’s why there’s such an emphasis on customer experience in 2020, according to the Adobe 2020 Digital Trends Report.

Breaking Down the Most Popular Customer Support Frustrations

Customers share the same frustrations as call center agents. Statista found that over 49% of product users say their frustrations are with lack of speed, effectiveness and accuracy to resolve the issue. Often, contact center agents are so fixated on following the troubleshooting process that they don’t appropriately serve the caller. That’s where speed and effectiveness diminish — and the caller ultimately ends up agitated.

Another issue that can point to ineffective and inaccurate support is the adoption of multichannel support. According to PWC, between 2010 and 2020, 80% of businesses introduced multichannel support options for their customers. These consisted of live chat, phone support, virtual assistants, email support tickets, video support and more. The issue doesn’t lie with the increase of support options for customers; it lies within the support channel mix chosen.

For example, virtual assistants increase inaccuracy because a bot has canned solutions, which also increases time to resolution. Email support tickets take extra time because both parties rely on the other checking emails for progress and further information. And phone support can have descriptive issues and language barriers, as mentioned earlier.

Show Me: Video Support Solves Product Support Issues

Video is one solution you should add to any multichannel product support mix, if you don’t already offer it. According to Gartner, over 100 of the 500 largest global businesses were set to introduce video chat support by 2018. “Show me” video technology can instantly improve the customer experience for phone support, live chat, email support tickets and virtual assistants by connecting and viewing the issue instantly.

For example, if there’s a communication issue on any of the support channels, you can easily send the user a link to connect in a live video feed. This not only solves the problems faster, it also humanizes the customer experience.

Selecting the Right Video Support Solution

When selecting a video support solution, be sure it has WebRTC capabilities, which means contact center agents can connect instantly on any device — no app required. In addition, it should offer on-screen annotations and zoom controls to expedite solutions.

Tethr It Now is a WebRTC video-calling solution that enables contact centers to reduce handle times, improve customer satisfaction and connect with customers instantly on any device — no app required. Tethr It Now easily integrates with the Genesys CloudTM platform and enables users to initiate the call with one  click. Learn more about Tethr It Now on the AppFoundry Marketplace. And be sure to join the live webinar on October 29, 2020 at 8:00 AM PT to learn how to reduce handle times and improve customer experience with instant video calls.

This blog post was co-authored by Sam Hampton. Sam is the Founder and CEO of Tethr It, led the development of Tethr It Now following an extensive 30-year career in the heavy equipment and telecommunications industries. Having seen first-hand the challenges businesses face in product support, he knew technology could be leveraged as a tool to drive efficiency, accuracy, speed, and cost savings.