Becoming the Value in Our Customers’ Business

The contact center industry is in the midst of a major transition as more companies accelerate the adoption of cloud technologies to innovate rapidly and deliver truly differentiated customer experiences. I think Genesys is uniquely positioned to become the value in the business of any organization anywhere, regardless of their size or segment as they transition to the cloud.

I believe in the power of the cloud. I’ve seen the power of the cloud transform businesses. At Oracle, I played a key role in turning an on-premises software organization into a 100% cloud-led SaaS business. The most important element in this change was helping more than 6,000 enterprise customers optimize their success in the cloud.

The commitment Genesys has to invest four times more than our largest competitors in innovative customer experience R&D is truly reflective of a customer-centric culture.  This is especially important at this point in time in the industry; it enables Genesys to deliver amazing experiences and outcomes to our customers and their customers.

As I virtually met with people over my first week at Genesys, I was impressed by how everyone I spoke with — employees, partners, customers — has this amazing passion and excitement about Genesys. It’s built on the great teamwork we have, not just internally, but across our community. Our relationship with our customers and partners goes far beyond the typical vendor-client relationship.

We’re always focused on delivering the best to our customers and continue throughout our long-term relationships to bring them the new capabilities that let them continue to set their business apart with customer experience. By providing this innovation in the cloud, we make it easy for our customers to consume, wherever they are in their journey to the cloud. I believe this is our winning formula.

This truly is a new decade, a new era for Genesys, and I’m super excited about the journey we’re on. I look forward to helping build the company’s next phase of growth and bringing a whole new level of value to our customers and their businesses.