Improve Business Decisions With an Integrated Customer Feedback Tool

This blog was co-written by Alan Weaser with VIRTUATell (Genesys AppFoundry Partner)

When it comes to measuring customer experience, your solutions should be tightly integrated into your customer feedback survey process. Without that integration, survey invitations aren’t real-time or channel-friendly—and that means the feedback they collect can be stale, biased, improperly segmented and incomplete.

To understand the differences, for you and your customers, let’s look at two companies—one with a segmented customer survey system and one that integrates their customer experience measurement processes with their contact center platform.

Unintegrated and Frustrating Customer Feedback Process

A customer calls their gas supplier (Company A) to query a charge on their bill. Company A handled the call and addressed the query; however, their customer experience feedback process is an overnight CSV download of the previous days’ customer data. They send that file to their customer experience feedback partner to dispatch the surveys. So, three days after the customer initially contacted the company via phone, they receive an invitation to complete a survey about their experience.

The CSV file has the customer ID and email address, but it only contains the ID of the first agent the customer spoke with, so the survey goes against the first agent who just transferred the caller. And because the call center and web-based billing system are run by different departments—each with their own customer experience feedback systems—the customer receives a second survey on the same day regarding an online bill payment. The call center survey asks the typical questions:

  • An NPS question that’s unclear if it’s asking about the agent or the company
  • A call-resolution question
  • Agent politeness question
  • Agent knowledge question
  • The reason for the call
  • A matrix of six “Would you agree that…” questions
  • An AOB text response

At this point, the customer likely is annoyed with how long the survey is and leaves the AOB text response blank. And that leaves out valuable verbatim comments. The worst-case scenario here is that the customer doesn’t even press the “Submit” button once the survey is complete, so Company A never receives any feedback.

Integrated and Intuitive Customer Feedback Process

A customer calls the contact center of Company B about a billing issue. Immediately, the contact center recognizes her cell phone number and checks to see when she last completed a survey. Records show there was a completed survey a month ago about a chat session with the billing team. While queuing, the contact center IVR asks the purpose of the call and if the customer would accept a survey via cell phone afterward. Because the last survey was short and relevant, the customer agrees to another one.

In addition to account information, the agent’s screen displays the customer’s last four Net Promoter Score (NPS) reports and customer satisfaction trends for the last 12 months—fed from the integrated customer experience feedback solution. They also see a trend that their scores were getting worse and the customer was at risk. Immediately, the agent knows to treat this customer with great care and deliver a great experience.

The integrated customer experience feedback survey solution combines wrap-up code, previous survey results, and the customer database to send an SMS text message in real-time, asking the customer for an NPS score. Once the customer responds, she receives an additional message stating, “Thanks for the feedback. We know you answered our billing questions on the 21st, but if you have time, we have four new questions about your call today that you can complete here.”

Because the last survey was personalized and short, the customer clicks on the link to answer these questions, which include:

  • Was queue time acceptable?
  • Was your query about “an incorrect amount on your bill?” This question is taken from the agent wrap-up code.
  • Did you know this query could be answered by the company’s mobile app? The customer’s account shows she had downloaded the app, so the question is relevant.
  • Is your preferred survey channel still SMS?

Real-Time Feedback

A customer experience survey solution that’s fully integrated with Genesys can conduct surveys in real-time, immediately after the customer event ends. Real-time surveys that are conducted immediately after the event delivers higher-quality insights at a faster speed than legacy surveys. This results in higher response rates and better value for your customer experience spend, more accurate feedback upon which you can make business decisions, a higher percentage of audience covered, and higher customer opt-in and repeat survey rates because surveys are relevant and can be completed quickly.

As contact center solutions become omnichannel, it’s important to collect feedback in real-time—on every preferred customer contact channel—in a way that’s most acceptable to your customers. It’s no longer acceptable to send long email survey blasts to get feedback from customer contacts. It’s also important that you can view the data collected in one place and filter on each channel when required.

Customer Contact Data

Integrating the service with Genesys gives you access to real-time omnichannel event data that’s produced from the PureCloud®, PureConnectTM and PureEngageTM platforms for the VIRTUATell artificial intelligence-driven CXBot®. Event data, such as contact time, customer journey stage, the channel used, contact reason and previous call data, are used by the real-time decision engine to select the survey to offer and questions to use. This means that every customer receives a relevant, personal survey request in real-time, immediately after their contact event. And this results in higher responses and opt-in rates and better quality feedback. It also covers a wider audience.

To learn more about how to collect meaningful insights into customer experience performance so you can make better decisions, visit the VIRTUATell on the Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace.


Alan Weaser is the CEO of VIRTUATell, we help you to listen to your customer, your staff and your stakeholders, to improve how you perform in their eyes. With our innovative platform Synaptum® using tools like CXBot® and DataFuse® we fuse of our automated surveys and your big data, backed by bespoke insight consultancy services, to drive worldwide customer and staff satisfaction levels and revenue, upwards.