Adapting to 2021 with Workforce Engagement Management Tools

Let’s face it: 2020 shifted the paradigm of how we work. It forced companies to quickly adapt to new methodologies, often requiring operational and administrative teams to quickly and nimbly. In meeting these challenges, many employees’ roles changed, with some assuming new and sometimes more complex responsibilities.

This not only exploited new skills and the need for different tools, but it also unveiled a requirement for more training. And all of this led to an increase in costs. Fortunately, workforce engagement management (WEM) tools can help companies and their employees adapt easily and cost efficiently.

Engaged Employees and a Better Work-Life Balance

Social distancing and at-home everything — work, school, Zoom happy hours — can greatly affect employee performance. Companies must understand the holistic situations of each employee and how they directly relate to their off queue lives. Balance is critical.

Understanding this allows companies to make strategic decisions around which tools, training and guidance they’ll provide to support employees. They’ll use experiences, insights and data to create a sense of belonging and engagement among employees.

The Genesys CloudTM Workforce Engagement Management solution lets you offer  employees tools for self-care and off-queue-life so they can collaborate, review their calendars and see next tasks. This also gives them a general view of how they’re performing as well as personalized development plans. All of this generates growth and develops a sense of belonging as employees achieve a better work-life balance.

Quality and Compliance for Customer Experience

Now that we’re working remotely, customer interactions on all channels have increased. This not only creates more data, it also places a greater burden on quality managers, business analysts, evaluators, risk managers and supervisors. And this rise in interactions and subsequent data elevates the importance of compliance.

All companies aim to protect customer privacy and secure their data. Regulators have toughened their policies, which means companies face more serious consequences for mishandling data.

By automating policies for recording, retention and evaluation, Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management optimizes quality and compliance. It ensures quality across all interactions, reducing the complexity involved in analyzing data. And it can uncover root causes for customer and agent satisfaction, frustration and complaints. It also helps identify questionable behavoir and potential exposure. And it proactively distinguishes important from routine, mitigates risks, and grants security protection for companies and customers.

Workforce, Data and Information

With employees working from different locations and on multiple systems, it’s important to control how work is distributed. To understand agent availability, capacity and skillsets, managers, planners, forecasters and supervisors must have all the necessary information within reach.

Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management gives customers a unified system and user interface that combines customer interaction management with workforce engagement management. This simplifies contact center operations so you can easily adapt to changes and challenges. Leveraging a secure cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for a peak-sized, on-premises environment. And it centralizes information, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. This, ultimately, reduces the cost and complexity of relying on multiple solutions.

The right WEM tools simplify forecasting, staffing and decision-making. With up to 95% forecast accuracy, supported by true mathematical schedule optimization that chooses from 25 machine learning-trained models in a single click, you can achieve the necessary flexibility. And using artificial intelligence and automation enables you to boost employee productivity and achieve higher-level business goals.