Accelerate Your Migration to the Genesys PureCloud Application

Companies are increasingly competing on the customer experiences they deliver. And the contact center plays a pivotal role in that endeavor. To stay ahead of the competition, companies must innovate quickly. To accomplish this, many are moving their contact centers to the cloud.

As a long-standing contact center leader, Genesys® plays a critical role in this industry shift to cloud contact centers. As noted in a recent press release, Genesys Cloud revenue overall has increased substantially year-over-year, and PureCloud® revenue increased nearly 110% YoY in the first half of 2019.

With more organizations migrating to the cloud, Cyara has invested in new capabilities that make it easier through the recently launched Cyara Accelerator for Genesys PureCloud.

The Cyara Accelerator for Genesys PureCloud takes enterprise customers through five steps for migration:

1. Discover. For most companies, IVR documentation is horribly outdated or completely absent. Whether replicating existing flows in the cloud or redesigning your customer journeys, you need to start with a clear baseline of what you have. The process of manually creating this documentation involves very painful, time-consuming steps of repeatedly dialing into the IVR and capturing the prompts and flows.

Cyara Accelerator for Genesys PureCloud automatically documents your existing IVR applications. We automatically dial into your IVR, capture prompts and flow, and surface that data into an easy to understand visual that we call a “CX Model.”

2. Build. Once captured in a CX Model, Cyara can export the design into the Genesys PureCloud application to seamlessly generate call flows. This gives your migration a kickstart — even where you’re looking to optimize and improve your customer experience design.

3. Test. As you’re building the baseline IVR in the Genesys PureCloud application, you’ll want to make sure that you’re testing throughout the process. By testing, ensure that the system performs as designed, including all paths work and back-end look ups. You also should check that there’s no latency in the system and that voice quality meets expected standards.

Cyara Accelerator for Genesys PureCloud automates testing, which reduces time per test by 80%. Because testing is frequently a bottleneck in the development process, gaining efficiencies in testing accelerates the overall release cycle. In fact, Cyara customers generally accelerate their development cycles by 40-70%. And, because automated testing is faster, Cyara customers also can increase the scope of their testing, thereby increasing the speed at which they put out releases as well as the quality of the release.

4. Deploy. As you come to the end of the development cycle and are ready to push code into production, test your applications for performance. Cyara Accelerator for Genesys PureCloud has performance testing built in. This enables you to test your systems at scale and under stress to be sure they meet your needs under peak demand.

5. Maintain. Assurance doesn’t stop once you’ve gone live. You’ll want to continue to monitor the performance of your customer journeys so that they perform as intended. Monitoring your customer journeys is quite different from monitoring servers and switches. Your customer journeys depend on myriad systems — applications, networks, databases — delivered by different vendors — in the cloud and on-premises. All of these systems must come together and operate seamlessly to deliver on a smooth customer journey.

Cyara Accelerator for Genesys PureCloud provides this monitoring to assure that your new applications deliver the customer experience you designed — and that they continue to delight your customers.

Learn more about the Cyara Accelerator for Genesys PureCloud or sign up for a free trial at And visit Cyara in the AppFoundry Marketplace available on all 3 platforms, PureCloud, PureConnect and PureEngage.

This blog was co-authored by Elizabeth Magill, Sr. Director, Product Marketing for Cyara. She has over 20 years of marketing experience. Elizabeth previously worked with KPMG Consulting, eGain Communications, Aspect Software and IBM, and studied economics at University of California.