3 Ways to Transform Your Contact Center Through Gamification and Data Science

Remote work practices can shore up business continuity during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. However, according to Gartner, “Mid-size enterprises (MSEs) tend to be skittish about remote work, viewing it as a threat to productivity and the cohesiveness of their close-knit organizations.” In the contact center, we’ve embraced work-from-home practices; the number of agents working from home, which was about 13% prior to the pandemic, has increased significantly.

There’s consistent advice from health authorities around the world for employees working from home to engage in regular exercise and regularly scheduled activities to avoid anxiety, stress and strain — physically, mentally and financially. According to the Dimension Data 2019 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking report, “Almost two-thirds (62.2%) of organizations name relationship between employee satisfaction and enhanced CX performance as top driver of organizational change”

Following are three tips for maintaining great employee and customer satisfaction with remote workers.

  1. Demand Actionable Insights From Your Analytics Team or Solution.

To nail this, don’t just build reporting or analytics solutions  but demand actionable insights , such as:

    • What actions to take to reduce call volume
    • What actions to take to engage staff
    • What insights will help run the contact center successfully

To build successful actionable insights engine stay away from following four common challenges.

Lack of integration: It’s common in the contact center to have isolated Net Promoter Score, telephony, workforce management (WFM) and quality management systems. These silos can result in inaccurate insights that are time-consuming for management to mine.

Excel spreadsheets: Don’t rely on reporting specialists or contact center supervisors to churn out inaccurate, delayed and often unintelligent Excel-based reports. Excel reporting often chews up vital supervisor operational hours, which can be spent in training or motivating agents.

In-house business intelligence (BI)/analytics teams: Central analytics/DW teams must deliver analytics solutions to several stakeholders. That means your call center might not get the focus it deserves. And, if the analytics team gets the priority right there is no guarantee that the outcome will generate insights you need since they might not fully understand your pain points. It’s best to invest into a bespoke solution to meet your operational needs.

Dashboard solutions: Traditional contact center dashboards were built using non-standard data technologies; they can be clunky and difficult to integrate with new data sources or BI systems. And they almost never deliver actionable insights. They often don’t follow any contact center analytics methodologies like Six Sigma, nor do they deliver actionable insights across workforce management, quality assurance, surveys or call stats.

  1. Invest in Gamification.

Gamification is a great technology and a useful tool to engage your remote workforce. Here are a few simple dos and don’ts for using gamification in the contact center.

Do invest in a solution that presents employee engagement and actual ROI.
DO invest in a gamification platform that readily integrates with your call center technologies and is easy to configure.
Do look for a vendor that specializes in these solutions and has experience implementing gamification in the contact center.

Don’t buy gamification-only solutions. It’s better to buy solutions that combine gamification with actionable analytics solutions.
Don’t invest in a gamification solution that can’t provide KPI-level visibility.
Don’t invest in gamification solutions that can’t present behavioural insights.

  1. Gamification Isn’t a Silver Bullet for Improving Employee Engagement.

Often, agents have no control over contact center KPIs. For example, if call volume is unexpectedly high and the WFM teams created incorrect schedules, contact center agents can’t do anything about it. By acknowledging unforeseen challenges and relying on a combination of actionable insights, gamification and human contact can really improve the overall contact center performance.

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This blog post was co-authored by Kunal Rahalkar. As the CEO at Datagamz, Kunal drew upon his illustrious background in data science and founded Datagamz an enterprise analytics and Gamification company. Kunal is master’s in business information technology from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and acquired rich experience working as a data architect with global businesses such as Accenture, HP and Vodafone. Kunal has over 15 years of experience in building data rich solutions and Datagamz is considered as one of the leading Gamification software businesses round the world and was awarded a Bronze Stevie Award in 2019