3 Benefits of Integrating Telephony Into Your CRM System

As a contact center leader, you might watch your agents constantly juggling multiple applications, windows and screens as they work. Or maybe the CRM system — the lifeline of your operations — is buried so deep on your agents’ desktops that they haven’t seen it in days. As new contact center technologies emerge daily and the tech stack continues to grow, the need is great for productivity-enhancing solutions that are integrated into the workflow.

Connecting phone systems with CRM systems using computer telephony integration (CTI) technology can add a layer of features and functionality that drive fast and efficient customer service. Let’s explore three key benefits of having telephony integrated directly into your CRM system.

1. Simplified Administration

Computer telephony integration (CTI) technology from InGenius is accessible to contact center administrators from within the CRM system. Admin tasks, such as pre-configuring speed dials, adjusting automated call log templates and customizing the agent user interface all are performed within Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365. This means there’s one log in (via your CRM system), one username and password, one interface, and one less application open on your screen.

And because InGenius sits on top of privileges set in the CRM system, license management is streamlined. That further reduces the administrative burden.

2. Flexible Telephony

In today’s evolving telephony environment, cloud-based contact centers offer many benefits over on-premises systems, most notably enhanced flexibility of the system. This is why many contact centers are migrating to the Genesys Cloud platform.

Upland InGenius CTI technology connects phone systems, like the Genesys Multicloud CXTM solution and the Genesys CloudTM platform, with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM systems. Having your CTI embedded in the CRM solution can support the transition to the cloud. And it can reduce the workload on contact center administrators managing the move.

  • Admins can enable and disable both Genesys Multicloud CX and Genesys Cloud telephony from a single admin user interface (UI) within the CRM system.
  • Admins can manage all users within the same system, regardless of the connected telephony.  There’s no need for separate systems for each instance of your telephony platform.
  • Admins can enable a consistent agent experience and UI when switching from Genesys Multicloud CX to Genesys Cloud. This reduces the need for agent retraining, speeds up the migration process and reduces disruptions.

3. Increased Agent Productivity

By bringing your Genesys phone system functionality into Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, your agents can place, answer and transfer calls — without leaving the CRM solution. Features like one-click case creation, configurable speed dials and automated call-log templates reduce average call handle and case resolution times. Screen pops automatically deliver caller information instantly for a warm start to customer conversations. And calls are resolved more efficiently and effectively. Agents can also transfer the CRM screen, along with the call, to another agent who might be better equipped to handle the customer inquiry.

Using CTI from InGenius to enable call handling in the workflow can help keep your contact center agents in your CRM system, where they’re most effective — instead of them bouncing between multiple applications.

InGenius also centralizes contact center reporting with pre-built, customizable reports. Supervisors can monitor, measure and coach agents with reports like average call handle time, call results, and inbound versus outbound call statistics. These are all available in CRM dashboards, along with other critical call center data.

Ignite Contact Center Productivity with InGenius

With InGenius CTI, you can connect your Genesys Multicloud CX or Genesys Cloud phone system to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or ServiceNow (coming soon for Genesys Cloud). Unlock a variety of productivity-enhancing features and functionality for both you and your users right within your CRM system.

InGenius is the top choice for Genesys customers looking for:

  • Microsoft integration to Genesys Cloud
  • Microsoft omnichannel integration
  • Easy administration from the CRM solution
  • The ability to run both Genesys Cloud and Genesys Multicloud CX products from a single solution, enabling a seamless migration from Genesys Multicloud CX.

Pre-configured reports packages to streamline reporting within the CRM system

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This blog post was co-authored by Kari Simpson, Senior Director of Product Strategy, Upland Software.
Kari is an accomplished senior leader, with over 20 years of experience guiding large development and integration high tech projects with multiple cross-project dependencies. She holds patents related to website content data, instant message and semi-synchronous communication session availability and computer-based reading training. Her insights on the contact center industry have been featured in Contact Center Pipeline and UC Today. As Senior Director of Product Strategy for Upland InGenius, she is responsible for the delivery of product roadmaps, enterprise customer requirements, business cases and product strategy.