3 Benefits of Hosting CTI in the CRM System

No one can deny the benefits that computer telephony integration (CTI) has brought to the contact center industry. These solutions connect phone systems into CRM systems, decreasing call handle time while simultaneously improving the agent and customer experiences. Now we’re seeing the introduction of a CTI solution that’s hosted within the CRM system itself. And it has some interesting benefits.

Here are three benefits businesses can gain when hosting CTI in the CRM system.

1. Proven Security and Reliability

When all data and data processing related to the CTI solution happens the CRM system, then CRM-level security protects everything. When you’re working with large CRM partners like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, customers know and expect security. Similarly, if the CRM system is available, the CTI solution will be available because they can share uptime.

Exposing sensitive, personal customer data is a huge point of concern for contact centers; doing so could cause legal problems and irreparable damage to their reputation. And that’s something any company wants to avoid. By consolidating CTI and CRM solutions into a single unit, businesses can rest assured that their data is being handled securely.

2. Easier Administration and Licensing

With CRM-hosted CTI, there’s no need to log into a second administration console. The CTI app will show up in the CRM settings. That’s fewer usernames and passwords to remember and fewer layouts to learn. Bringing the administrative console into the CRM system also simplifies licensing. Instead of having to add and subtract CTI licenses and permissions as needed, you can simply add or subtract users from CRM call center groups.

3. Hassle-Free Installation

How a CTI solution is installed might not be the flashiest of advantages, but the difference is huge for anyone who has needed to deploy a CTI solution before. CTI installations and integrations between the phone system and CRM system can be time-consuming, disruptive and costly. This is why hosting CTI within the CRM system is so valuable.

Opting for a CRM-hosted CTI solution speeds deployment and reduces the risk of headache-inducing problems that can come from finding servers. Along the same lines, a CRM-hosted CTI solution can support a cloud telephony system like the Genesys Multicloud CXTM application through a telephony gateway. And this eliminates the need to open ports as part of the deployment process.

This way, it’s easier to install the product and scale it quickly. And this adds much more value to the product offering by creating an all-in-one product that provides the customer with everything they need in a single solution.

The Future of CTI

Implementing any CTI solution brings benefits to the contact center, sales teams, customer service teams and IT helpdesks. But CRM-hosted CTI brings a new wave of benefits with it.

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This blog post was co-authored by Katherine Burnett. Katherine is a Marketing Specialist at Upland InGenius, focused on content creation, social media strategy, email automation, and event management. Katherine graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) with a Marketing specialization. She has also held marketing roles at QNX Software Systems (Blackberry) and Tech Data.