SpeechStorm is excited to be part of Call Center Week 2015 which is taking place in Las Vegas between the 15 and 19 June. One of the aims of CCW is to share inspirational stories and action strategies for enhancing customer and employee engagement and driving business results.

SpeechStorm will be on booth 913, and will also be delivering a presentation on Wednesday at 3pm (track B). The title of SpeechStorm’s presentation is “Believing in Better – How Personalization & Agility Transformed SelfService at Sky”. This will be presented by BskyB’s David Tainton and SpeechStorm’s Damian Kelly.

Damian, SpeechStorm’s VP Product, will be discussing the Personalization Principle or rather why “One Size Does Not Fit All” for call center interactions. By taking a personalized approach to customer interactions Damian will show how Sky has managed to not only deflect more calls from the call center to self-service, but also INCREASE Net Promoter Score at the same time. Damian will also discuss how the 4Cs of Customer, Context, Capacity and Control work together to deliver this Personalized approach to call center interactions.

David, Business Change and Implementation Manager at BskyB, will continue the discussion by focusing on how agility can help companies in their delivery of a great customer experience and do without the long and costly change requests. He will also talk about the principle of “Marginal Gains” which was so critical in Team Sky’s success and which can also be applied to the call center world where these marginal gains can lead to much bigger gains as was the case for Sky. 

Sky is Europe’s leading entertainment company and as a group serves 20 million customers across five countries.

SpeechStorm Personalization Platform for Voice, Mobile and Web can be used together with call center infrastructure from Genesys, InIn, Cisco and Avaya to deliver great customer experiences by giving control of this experience to the people responsible and allowing them to make immediate changes to the experience which adds up to big gains for the customer and the company. Another one of SpeechStorm’s customers, a leading global logistics operator, makes 60-70 changes a month to messages to keep customers up to date about their queries.

For more information about how Personalization can benefit your business and your customers, you may download the bPost case study to read how SpeechStorm has helped the Belgian post operator to respond quickly to changing business needs and guide customers more efficiently through its inbound call-center calls by routing them to best suit each individual customer’s needs.

You may also read how An Post, the Irish postal operator, has improved the efficiency of its Track and Trace service for verifying mail deliveries and their customers’ experience of using it.

Or download the Ovum report on Personalization to read how Eircom, the Irish telecom operator, has seen self-service among its 1.4 million customers almost double and improved its Net Promoter Score (NPS) through the implementation of personalized and contextual Interactive Voice Response (IVR).