SpeechStorm is delighted to announce general availability of ‘Lynch’, the latest release of our Personalisation Platform.

Highlights of the Lynch release include:

  • Visual IVR for desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Mobile eXperience (MX) for iPad
  • Improved reporting with on-screen ‘Raw Data’ access and call summary downloads
  • Simpler call transfers with ‘smart links’ and Genesys Configuration Manager
  • Improved performance on Genesys Media Control Platform (MCP)
  • German localised user interface for the Control Centre
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) support for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP) VXML browser
  • Alpha support for Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center (CIC)

With Visual IVR as part of the SpeechStorm Personalisation Platform, you can now engage customers on the web or their mobile devices to present visual options, menus and self-service with all the power and flexibility that SpeechStorm provides for the voice channel.

Here’s how it works. Simply place a link to the Visual IVR on your website, in a mobile application or embed it into an email or SMS to appear wherever or whenever your customer is likely to look for a number to call you. Clicking on the link will instantly pop-up a small window – much like chat – with messages and options to guide the customer through the next stages of the process, just the way an IVR does on a call except this time it’s visual.

Visual IVR, improved reporting, smart links, additional features for Genesys, Cisco and InIn.

Just like Personalised IVR, you can include latest status updates, capture customer data or preferences, the reason for the call or offer self-service options or route the call directly to the best agent to handle the customer request. The call itself can be completed direct from the customer’s browser, on a mobile using the phone’s in-built calling capability or through an ordinary call with the customer entering a specific call code to jump them to the top of the right queue.

You define exactly how the Visual IVR should look and feel, when it should be offered and how it behaves through the SpeechStorm Control Centre. Best of all, you can re-use as much of your SpeechStorm self-service and Personalised IVR call-flows as you like with the ability to vary or extend them for visual scenarios. And changes made for voice are automatically reflected for visual.

We’re really excited about the potential for this and offering special terms to customers who would like to try it out. Call us to arrange a demo and explore the possibilities.

A bigger picture – Mobile eXperience (MX) for iPad

While Visual IVR offers download-free, instant access to personalisation and self-service, there are other scenarios where being able to take advantage of device capabilities – GPS, camera and offline storage – can really enhance the customer experience. This is where SpeechStorm MX thrives. Extending MX to iPad form offers more space, higher resolution and opens up possibilities for in-branch and kiosk applications. In fact, our first planned deployment is for retail sales advisers who will use an iPad MX application with embedded Visual IVR.

Smart links make for simpler transfers on Genesys

For many of our customers, getting calls quickly to the right agent is achieved through combining personalised IVR with sophisticated skills based routing from Genesys, adding specific data to a call before making the transfer. In large applications, keeping track of which values have been set where in the call flow can become tricky. With new ‘smart links’, the attached data values are configured as you call the transfer module and are picked from a drop down list, defined either within SpeechStorm, retrieved from a web service or directly from lists defined in Genesys Configuration Manager.

Smart links aren’t restricted just to transfer modules either. Now any module can have specific parameters defined – a customer segment, preference or account status – so it behaves differently depending on where it is called in the call-flow. We’re sure the more adventurous call-flow designers among you will find plenty of uses for them.

Getting interactive – Interactive Intelligence Customer Interactions Center (CIC) support

Continuing our multi-platform strategy, Lynch also includes ‘alpha’ support for Interactive Intelligence Customer Interactions Center (CIC). CIC is a powerful ‘one-box’ contact centre solution, including its ‘Interaction Attendant’ for IVR. CIC, however, also supports VXML for more complex applications so we’ve taken advantage of that to enable CIC users to access the 60+ self-service template modules and full personalisation capability of SpeechStorm.

Reporting goes raw – Raw Data replaces CSV Download

At our Storm Gathering user conference last November, the biggest demand was for improved reporting. You told us you wanted to dig deeper than ever into understanding your customers’ behaviour, slicing and dicing data from SpeechStorm in new ways to deliver even more personalised experiences and continually improving them.

With Lynch, we’ve made the first step towards this. Under Reports, the old ‘CSV Download’ tab is replaced with ‘View Raw Data’, reports to be viewed on-screen before being downloaded. There is also a new Call level summary, with just one row per call. With the basics in place, we’re planning to make further improvements in the next release.

For those who have already built extracts and reports based on the old CSV Download, don’t worry – it’s still there too.

Speak up – ASR and TTS for Cisco CVP

Following the support we announced for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP) in Kubrick, we’ve extend this to cover Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text To Speech (TTS) capability. This means SpeechStorm for CVP can be used with the complete range of Nuance languages. For fans of other speech recognition and text-to-speech engines, we are happy to consider on a case-by-case basis.

Why Lynch?

SpeechStorm releases are named alphabetically after our team’s favourite movie directors. When it came to picking our ‘L’ director there was simply no contest. From Eraserhead and The Elephant Man, Dune to Duran Duran: Unstaged and the Lost Highway from Twin Peaks to Mulholland Drive, David Lynch’s cinematic vision is unique. Let’s hope Visual IVR is just as impactful for our customers!

End of Life for SpeechStorm versions 3.1.x

With the launch of Lynch (3.3), we’re announcing end of life for SpeechStorm versions in the 3.1.x range. This means that customers on Eastwood (3.1.6), Fellini (3.1.7) and Godard (3.1.8) should upgrade to the latest available version before 30 June 2016 in order to remain supported.