BIGLOBE, National Australia Bank and Telstra Recognized for Excellence in Customer Experience, Business Impact and Successful Employee Engagement

MELBOURNE — August 20, 2014 — Genesys (, a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions, today announced at G-Force Melbourne that BIGLOBE Inc., National Australia Bank and Telstra are the Asia Pacific Region winners of its ninth annual Customer Innovation Awards. All of the winners have made major breakthroughs in using innovative Customer Experience solutions to transform the way they interact with customers across all of today’s many touchpoints, from contact centers to social media to mobile applications.

Award Winners Push the Customer Experience Envelope

The Genesys Customer Innovation Awards is an annual program that evaluates companies that deliver innovative and engaging customer experiences with groundbreaking results. Judged by a panel of experts, the winners were chosen based on impact on the customer experience, the business and overall customer engagement.

BIGLOBE, Inc.: The leading Japanese Internet service provider, BIGLOBE was able to integrate all its call centers into one virtual call center with the help of the Genesys SIP based cloud call center platform. Call center agents can now identify customers more quickly, speeding up the service process, and now BIGLOBE has the ability to route calls to appropriate agents who can best handle them from a quality and cost perspective. By adapting this capability, BIGLOBE drastically reduced their call center operational cost. Additionally, BIGLOBE was able to optimize cost and operational flexibility as well as simultaneously deliver telephony and computer training to employees, creating a more effective employee training process. BIGLOBE also debuted a new telephony service for smart phones called “BIGLOBE Phone Mobile.” This service allowed BIGLOBE customers with questions or trouble with their service to reach an agent by simply tapping a contact button directly on the BIGLOBE phone application instead of paying a fee to contact a call center agent.

National Australia Bank: One of the four largest financial institutions in Australia, National Australia Bank (NAB), created NAB Care – a dedicated team of bankers who deal with customers in financial hardship.  A business problem that the team faced was the difficulty in contacting customers after they’d applied for hardship, and routing of inbound calls due to the complex nature of these customer situations. NAB chose to use Genesys technology to contact these customers proactively and Genesys Routing to efficiently route incoming enquiries, matching a customer’s need with the appropriate banker. This integration of Genesys technology and other process optimizations within NAB has reduced the average time from application to hardship approval from 10 days to one day. This investment has improved the customer experience through reduced wait times, moving to a portfolio-managed approach and quicker time to decision. It has also increased employee engagement through reduced waste and rework and has provided another career pathway in their Collections department. 

Telstra: Through the creation of its new First Contact program, Australia’s largest telecommunications and information services company leveraged Genesys Routing to simplify the way customer inquiries are mapped, from the classification of the caller’s intent to the customer service representative. The First Contact program has provided better call management by using a new, stable platform to guide customers to the right place the first time by removing unnecessary business rules, listening to the customer request and confirming the agent has the right skills to handle the call. Genesys Routing helps Telstra customers be directed to the correct contact center representative the first time. When a customer contacts Telstra, the solution identifies the nature of their enquiry, evaluates this against the customer’s previous interactions and matches the customer with the most appropriately skilled consultant to manage the call. This process allows for personalization and honors the company’s promises that are made to the customer, thereby increasing the emotional engagement customers have with Telstra. As part of an ongoing demand management program, this has contributed to Telstra seeing a reduction of over half a million calls, nearly 50 per cent reduction in transferred calls and a 3 per cent increase in first contact resolution. “We’re personalizing the service we provide to millions of customers, because every customer matters to us,” said Karsten Wildberger, Group Managing Director, Telstra Consumer. “Innovative technology like this helps us connect with each customer and provide them with great service.”

“We are inspired and motivated by companies that actively showcase improvement by using the Genesys Customer Experience Platform to deliver outstanding business results while also providing customers with a superior customer experience,” said Reed Henry, Chief Marketing Officer, Genesys. “We look forward to working with other innovative companies like BIGLOBE, National Australia Bank and Telstra as they look to transform their customer experience.”

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