Genesys Customer Experience Platform Enhances Workforce Optimization and Member Experience

DALY CITY, CA and RIVERDALE, UT March 12, 2014 — Genesys (, a leading provider of customer experience and contact center software, and America First Credit Union (AFCU), one of the nation’s largest and most progressive credit unions, today announced that AFCU has dramatically increased call center efficiency and Net Promoter Scores for their Member Service and Lending Sales Call Centers. By leveraging the Genesys Business Edition of the Customer Experience Platform, AFCU has achieved Net Promoter Scores of 81% for Member Services and 88% for Lending Sales.

Genesys Helps AFCU to Manage an Efficient Call Center and Workforce

  • Accurate Call Forecasting for Planning and Staffing: With more than 4,000 calls coming into one call center alone, Genesys Workforce Management accurately and consistently predicts the number of incoming calls that AFCU will receive per day—often within only a 10 call difference between the forecast and actual number. This precision allows AFCU to reliably handle workflow and manage staffing requirements. In addition to Genesys Workforce Management, AFCU is implementing Genesys Speech and Text Analytics to provide real-time monitoring capability of contact center operations and to easily track top performing agents as well as identify and assist those agents that need extra training.
  • Seamless Load Balancing Between Call Centers During Peak Call Times: AFCU has two large call centers, one primarily serves as a general Member Service center and the other as a Lending Sales call center. To effectively manage the peaks and valleys of call volume fluctuation, Genesys Routing dynamically shifts calls to available agents within these multiple call centers to reduce caller wait times. When more than 5,000 calls are received in one day, and with many received during concentrated time periods, this Genesys routing capability is vital to increase member satisfaction and meet AFCU’s service goals.

AFCU Maximizes Member Experience with Multi-Channel Contact Center and Outbound Capabilities

  • Fully Integrated Email and Chat Solution: The multi-channel capabilities for Genesys include chat and email options that are used along with the telephony voice channel to make it easy for members to choose their channel preference and to interact with the contact center for assistance. Online chat is also available on the AFCU public website where authenticated members can chat with agents who can answer specific account questions and handle more technical online banking issues.
  • Outbound Voice Used for Collections and Urgent, Mass Communications: In addition to the fully integrated multi-channel Genesys solutions, AFCU uses Genesys Payments and Collections to successfully collect late payments and to inform members about important account related matters.

“Genesys has been the cornerstone of our member experience since the late 1990s when we first partnered together and they continue to help us get better and better,” said Chad Tanner, Lending Sales Call Center Manager, America First Credit Union. “Our high Net Promoter Scores are the result of a relentless focus on continually finding ways to improve the lives of AFCU members. Genesys helps us get there.”

“AFCU is showing the member banking community how to apply innovation to the member experience,” said Tom Eggemeier, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Genesys. “By taking an integrated, multi-channel approach, AFCU services members where they need to be served, and creates a member experience that is a strategic differentiator for their business.”

More About the Genesys Business Edition

The Genesys Business Edition is the most feature-rich and flexible customer experience solution ever offered for mid-size contact centers. Genesys Business Edition customers can choose to run their contact center with software in the cloud, on-premises with a pre-configured appliance, or in a hybrid cloud configuration.  Whether in the cloud or on-premises, the Genesys Business Edition deploys rapidly, is easy to use, and scales as contact centers grow.

About Genesys

Genesys is a leading provider of multi-channel customer experience and contact center solutions. With over 3,500 customers in 80 countries, Genesys orchestrates more than 100 million customer interactions every day across the contact center, front and back office.  Genesys helps customers power optimal customer experiences that deliver consistent, seamless and personalized experiences across all touchpoints, channels and interactions.

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