Genesys today announced that it supports more than 300,000 customer service agents through its Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) server. This strong momentum is based upon broad adoption of its leading customer service platform within Fortune 100 and Global 2000 enterprises, and the need within these organizations to extend their customer service operations beyond the four walls of the contact center. 

Why Genesys SIP?

  • Built with an open standards IP infrastructure
  • Proven to reduces costs, and increase performance
  • Supports a range of interaction channels

Some of the largest SIP implementations in the world rely on Genesys. 

TXU takes cost out of their infrastructure with SIP

Customer Quotes

Zon Multimedia | Jetstar | Provident Financial (UK) | Groupama Rhone Alpes Auvergne

"In the past, we had to implement changes on each platform at each location, so it would be time consuming, complex and would probably be implemented in a slightly different way on each of the various systems we had. With Genesys SIP Server, it typically takes a tenth of the time it would have taken using a traditional hardware-based solution. It’s the same everywhere, and we can deploy to all agents in all locations at the same time."

"We chose the vendor with the best existing customer references and greatest experience in IP-based contact center solutions, and that was Genesys."

Fernando Fonseca
Customer Care Technical Manager

"The Genesys SIP architecture is game changing. It lends itself to hosting and cloud deployment, and the functionality means that we can implement it in a way that helps agents do their job well, rather than constrain them with a bunch of rules. So, to produce our SaaS offering for Jetstar, we clearly needed to put Genesys at the heart of the platform."

Aaron Panozza
Founder and Managing Director of Engage, providers of Jetstar’s contact

"Being built on SIP, our contact center is completely software-based, which allows us to be more dynamic in the way we develop and adapt our routing strategies taking into account multiple criteria such as the time of day and agents’ workload and skills. Genesys WFM allows us to change from manual and reactive to planned and automated management, which will enable us to tailor more appropriate training for agents."

Steven Pyrah-Blandford
Distributed Voice Manager

"Genesys provides us with flexible building blocks that we can easily put together in new and innovative ways to create features that allow us to be more competitive."

Philippe Vayssac
Customer Manager Project Owner