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Improving customer lifetime value with custom telecom solutions

Growing revenues beyond connectivity is a critical business need for every telco. Customers benchmark telecommunication companies against the world’s best digital companies and expect frictionless services. To beat the competition, telecommunications call centres need to provide innovative and personalised telco solutions while fulfilling customers’ demand for easy, digital experiences.

Genesys makes orchestrating unique and connected experiences at scale a possibility. Leverage data analytics and AI in telecoms to predict and strengthen customer loyalty. Reduce churn and increase ARPU with memorable engagements, building better telco solutions across customer journeys.

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Nurture loyal customers with cloud telecommunications

Provide users with a frictionless digital customer experience

Differentiate yourself by always putting customers first. Understand what customers expect, personalise every interaction and let them manage their plans at their convenience – all through digital means.

Increase Attachment Rates for new non-connectivity services

Customers today are looking to fulfil their needs through a single platform. On top of connectivity, delight customers by offering and connecting all their favourite services in one place.

Unlock innovation to exceed expectations

Focus on delivering cutting-edge customer experiences with newfound technology. Adopt a cloud infrastructure that lets you innovate with ease and accelerate growth.

Reinvent your telco experience beyond connectivity

Telcos need to craft customer-centric experiences to stay relevant and foster customer loyalty. Align with your customer’s needs, proactively provide them with personalised offerings and strengthen customer relationships with agile and scalable cloud platforms. Make it seamless for customers to connect with you anywhere, anytime.

Flexible real-time deployment at your fingertips

Changing times call for transformation. Customers today seek providers focused on continuous improvement. They want AI powered and easy solutions that are up-to-date with the latest customer experience trends.

To achieve that, telcos need a flexible platform that allows them the agility to swiftly make changes whenever needed, be it in any environment. Your new platform shouldn’t force you to give up on your existing technology but instead integrate them, so that you get to create clear workflows and journeys. At the same time, you get to automate certain product and service capabilities, freeing up your teams for interactions that truly matter.

Enable a 360-degree customer view

Operators are managing fragmented customer data from different touchpoints. It’s hard to understand customer needs and drive meaningful customer journey campaigns when data is siloed. Telcos need to connect diverse data points together to recognise customer intent.

Integrate data from all customer service platforms, starting with demographics, usage patterns and payment histories to current services – all in a single space. With unified data integration, you get to learn which CX initiatives you should prioritise first for better customer outcomes.

Harness analytics to upsell and cross-sell

Telcos are facing the challenge of managing customer satisfaction. Acquiring customers is costly, and there is a growing need for operators to better identify opportunities for customer retention.

Leverage the right analytics tool to maximise the customer’s lifetime value. Link together historical and real-time data and utilise AI powered software to recognise patterns in user behaviours. Delight customers by applying these insights to upsell and cross-sell personalised offerings proactively.

Activate and automate new capabilities rapidly

Innovation does not need to be a struggle. The inflexible nature of legacy technologies makes it hard to integrate new capabilities on a single platform – making innovation sluggish and painful.

Spare your customers and your IT teams from long, iterative development cycles. Roll out new capabilities and test them quickly through a “plug-and-play” architecture. Learn what gives your customers satisfaction fast and automate it – ensuring your customers’ needs are always met.

Equip employees with the right tools

Be there for your employees by providing them with the right analytics tools to perform their jobs well. By having all critical customer information in a single view, employees are always in the loop, delivering good customer service as a result.

Support employees by providing them with a holistic customer understanding – from the last plan they purchased from you to the next recharge and if they are looking at deals from your competitors. Enable employees to provide personalised services with confidence so customers feel appreciated and employees feel empowered.

Meet and exceed modern security standards

Always ensure data security is your top priority. Protect your customer’s information and earn their trust with stringent security measures and compliance standards.

With Genesys, you can rest assured that you will be compliant with all the latest regulations, best industry practices and policies. Instil confidence with a compliance portfolio that’s continuously developing and security frameworks that are internally and externally audited – always keeping users safe.

Deliver connected, seamless experiences with a future-ready cloud based platform

Invest in a solution that makes exceeding customer expectations easy. Make your telco agile, data-driven and AI-enabled.

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