Personalise experiences with AI-driven predictive engagement

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Serve your customers while driving business outcomes

Boost your agents’ efficiency

By seeing cross-channel interactions, customer journeys, segments and predicted outcome scores, agents can proactively resolve issues.

Cut your contact centre costs

Resolve issues with efficient, automated bots or web chats offered at the moment of need. When calls are necessary, empower agents with full context.

Never miss an online conversion opportunity

Increase revenue by prioritising who to engage and what to offer precisely when it matters. Then trigger the action that improves sales conversion.

Use AI-driven insights to personalise and automate engagement

Digital insights for voice engagement

Enrich customer profiles with historical and real-time digital and voice interaction data. Give agents insights that help them personalise conversations and increase FCR.

Journey visualisation

Give agents full interaction context and third-party system customer data. Use customer experience maps to determine where customers are in their journeys and what they need.

Machine learning and AI

Identify behaviour patterns, including shopping cart abandonment and churn risk. Use insights and outcome probabilities to automate engagement at the moment most likely to drive results.

Dynamic behavioural segmentation

Classify customer intent and priority. Determine the best channel to engage customers with an automated content offer, web message, bot or agent-assisted service.

Real-time outcome scoring

Target customers and optimise engagements in real time. Align with business objectives by using outcome probabilities instead of — or alongside — rules.

Omnichannel orchestration

Use one platform to orchestrate omnichannel interactions. Leverage native and third-party sources, such as CRM and marketing systems like Adobe.

Action maps

Trigger personalised campaigns based on segments and outcome probabilities. Activate web chat, web messaging, content offer, bot flow or actions.

Analytics and reporting

See the impact of segments and activities on your business outcomes. Tweak customer strategies to improve campaign performance.

Agent pacing algorithm

Balance customer needs with agent utilisation. Leverage scenario modeling and automation to optimise the number of proactive invitations per agent.

Drive customer loyalty with effortless experiences

Experiences shouldn’t be stressful. But when asked to repeat themselves, nearly half of customers consider that a high-effort interaction. This can increase the risks of disloyalty and churn significantly. We take the stress out of these experiences, driving better customer service and sales outcomes.

Genesys software empowers agents and bots with real-time, historical, predictive and third-party customer data. Using these holistic insights, agents and bots can provide seamless customer experiences that enhance loyalty to your brand, reduce costs and drive future purchases.

Reduce customer effort with proactive, empathetic experiences

Context and timing are key to delivering more effortless and personalised customer experiences. Classify customer behaviour into segments and surface cross-channel interaction histories. Use these artificial intelligence (AI)-driven insights to customise engagements at the moment of truth via agent messaging, automated bot or content offer.

Listen to your customers

The more you know about your customers, the better experiences you can provide. Get customer details from their website activity, previous contact centre interactions, marketing systems, CRM and backend systems. Capture your customers’ attributes and contextual journeys in real time.

Understand and predict intent

Anticipating your customers’ next move is the key to aligning your customer and business goals. Use AI and predictive analytics to identify behaviour patterns and the probability a customer will buy, churn or abandon a shopping cart. Assign intent, classify segments and predict outcome scores in real time.

Act with predictive and automated personalisation

Lower the cost to serve, enhance customer experiences and increase sales opportunities. Use AI-driven insights to identify who to engage, when to engage and how to engage. Enable administrators to automatically trigger the precisely timed action that optimises business outcomes and customer experiences. Automatically connect using bots, agent messaging or live agents.

Learn as you gather insights

Make smarter decisions as more behavioural data is gathered and AI models self-improve, without needing to rely on data scientists. Instead, use AI to microtarget customers and dynamically optimise every engagement, no matter the channel. And drive better business outcomes as a result.

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