Twelve reasons to upgrade your customer experience software

Delivering effortless experiences that exceed expectations is critical to your success. But call centre software that forces you to manage systems and customer channels separately can’t live up to those demands.

Your current setup might be making your job harder than it should be — and leaving you wanting more. Review this list of benefits to see if now is the time to level up to a cloud call centre.

1. Less complexity and more flexibility

Avoid the varied pricing models and contract terms for on-premises solutions that can make upgrading your call centre confusing and downright frustrating. Migrating to a cloud-native contact centre simplifies all of that. With the cloud, you won’t get locked into any long-term contracts or hidden, complex pricing structures.

2. Increased interconnectivity

Eliminate silos. Siloed applications and the need to repeat information frustrate your customers and your agents. Equipping your agents with the information and tools they need — channels, interaction types, customer context and performance insights — lets them deliver the extraordinary experience your customers deserve.

3. Less reliance on IT

In our hyper-competitive world, response times matter. Adjusting contact flows, queues and routing all need immediate action because delays are costly. If the call centre isn’t directly managing all tasks it should and responding quickly to ever-changing customer expectations, you’re at a disadvantage. With a cloud product, you can enjoy a simple and user-friendly interface that empowers employees. Save valuable IT resources and expertise for other tasks.

4. Data-driven insights

Put your data to work. It’s not enough to compile data. You need access to that data in real time — and the ability to quickly and easily interpret and act on it. These real-time stats provide critical insights into what’s happening, and they equip employees to make more informed decisions. Interactive dashboards provide a consolidated view of customers, agents and interactions — across all media types. And, with a cloud contact centre, you can access that information any time — from anywhere.

5. More efficient operations

Quicker, better, more efficiently — that’s the world we live in today. To remain competitive, you must work smarter, not harder. If information and teams aren’t aligned, you’ll struggle to keep up with your competitors. With cloud, you can bridge your teams for effortless collaboration. A cloud contact centre provides unified communications throughout your company and automates forecasting and scheduling across channels to optimise productivity and deliver on SLAs within budget.

6. Focus on customers, not technology

Free your agents to serve customers instead of navigating the complexities of disparate programs, streams and applications. If agents’ time is consumed with moving between software applications and communication channels, they’ll struggle to meet your customers’ needs. Give your agents the ability to handle different types of conversations simultaneously with tools like customer co-browse and screen share.

7. Investments that last

Cloud-native functionality allows for the continuous delivery of new features. This means your systems are updated regularly — without the downtime associated with traditional on-premises upgrades and new installations.

8. Security and resilience

In a world where information is shared in milliseconds, there’s no time for downtime — and there’s no room for kinks in security. A cloud solution protects your business and your customers from outages and breaches — whether it’s during a peak season or a lull.

9. Empowered to grow

Every business is unique. Your call centre software should be extensible and configurable, so it grows with you — in both capacity and capabilities. A cloud solution lets you easily add and create integrations that serve your organisation and your customers today and tomorrow. You can have secure APIs, prepackaged integrations and the ability to add new functionality with a click of a button.

10. Faster time to value

Implement at the speed of today. Long gone are the days when large amounts of time and resources were spent implementing complex solutions. Slow implementations and in-depth trainings result in lost business. With a cloud-based vendor, your call centre will be up and running in weeks, thanks to the simple pricing models and quick installation.

11. Happy employees

You’ve got great employees; help them perform at their best. Give your agents a holistic view of customer communications while automating their repetitive tasks. A cloud contact centre solution lets agents seamlessly switch among tasks while concurrently monitoring and managing the entire customer journey. This will improve overall employee performance and engagement as well as top- and bottom-line growth. Through unified communication and collaboration tools, your employees can talk, chat, video message, or search for and find the experts they need to resolve any customer issue.

12. Happy customers

The proliferation of mobile devices, social media, chat and email means your customers want to interact with your brand across multiple channels. Unify all communication channels, interactions and work items through a single interface and omnichannel routing. This lets you design, monitor and tune the entire customer journey while delivering a consistent, omnichannel customer experience.

Know your options

If you want more from your call centre provider, it’s time to explore new options. No matter which cloud call centre solution you select, be sure it meets your needs today and can power your growth tomorrow. With the right solution and partner, your business can deliver a consistent, seamless and personalised next-generation customer experience.

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