Genesys and Google Cloud: Powering the future of customer experience


On-Demand Webinar

We are also doing this webinar in other languages. To attend the Thai webinar, click here. To attend the Indonesian Bahasa webinar, click here.

When your Bot and Routing solutions understand each other and leverage the customer journey, customers don’t have to repeat themselves…and they’ll love you for it.

Genesys and Google Cloud, global leaders in contact centre software and enterprise cloud platforms, have teamed up to deliver AI-powered customer and employee experiences. Join this webinar to understand how businesses are improving customer service with AI that talks, understands and interacts. You will also learn:

  • how organisations are increasing customer and agent satisfaction and improving operational efficiency
  • how to quickly deploy new self-service microapps that reflect best practices in business processes to give you a competitive advantage
  • how a multilingual and platform-agnostic solution can support multiple languages, a number of single-click integrations, and supports many SDKs

Meet the Speakers

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Tim Dawson
Cloud Partner
Solutions Lead
Google Cloud


Jean-Marc Provost
Director Digital &
Conversational AI


Matt McPhee
Senior Solutions

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