Part 3 of 4: AI for Customer Experience Webinar Series

Genesys AI in Action

No frills, no fluff; just a live demo.
Give your agents superpowers with Genesys AI.

On-Demand Webinar

Join this webinar and witness the Genesys AI-powered experience orchestration in action as we explore the challenges and opportunities of AI-powered agent assistance, customer engagement enhancement, and the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into contact center operations.

In this session, see how Genesys Cloud can:

  • Empower your employees to deliver superior experiences for your end customers.
  • Integrate generative AI into your customer experience strategy to provide measurable value.
  • Utilise AI for contextual support precisely when it’s needed.
  • Implement automation to enhance efficiency, improve employee experiences, boost agent productivity, and well-being, all while reducing training time and employee turnover.

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Meet the Speakers


Mike Marshall
Principal Solution Consultant


Jarryd Tuyau
Principal Solution Consultant