1/4: AI for Customer Experience Webinar Series

Customer spotlight: AI to positively impact the student and employee experience at WSU

Explore Western Sydney University’s groundbreaking approach to student connectivity and staff productivity through digital innovation

On-Demand Webinar

Discover how Western Sydney University reimagined the way they connect with students and enhance staff efficiency through digital innovation. This discussion offers an inside look at their journey, highlighting how strategic technology adoption has improved student engagement across various digital platforms, and streamlined staff workflows.

Hear first-hand accounts of this initiative and learn how the integration of digital tools and AI has positioned WSU as a future-ready institution, focused on enhancing student engagement and operational efficiency.

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Meet the Speakers

Dave flanagan nexon

Dave Flanagan
Head of Digital and AI
Nexon Asia Pacific

Melissa hatherly   wsu

Melissa Hatherly
Practice Adoption Advisory, Contact Centre Project
Western Sydney University