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Transform banking engagement with seamless experiences

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Architecting memorable experiences across financial services

Customers demand easy digital banking experiences. One where they do not need to wait either in the branch or on the phone for long periods just to meet their banking needs. Predictive, automated and artificial intelligence (AI) tools resolve customer issues faster so customers get to experience efficient and memorable banking services.

Genesys makes it easy to understand customer needs and intentions. Adopt messaging channels and platforms that better suit customer expectations. Deliver secure, simplified experiences that will make your customers love your bank.


Build trust and loyalty with seamless banking services

Provide hyper-relevant experiences

Understanding customer behaviour is imperative to improving the customer experience. With cloud banking, get insights and customer data to offer personalised financial recommendations based on real-time needs and opportunities. Engage via the channels most convenient for your customers at any given moment.

Harness the power of journey orchestration

Give employees the tools and insights needed to deliver meaningful customer experiences. Train employees to identify moments to cross-sell financial products and services in the customer journey. When employees require support, assist them to support customers in ways that will exceed their expectations and strengthen loyalty.

Integrate your banking experiences

Connect the dots across your financial institution. By adopting a flexible banking ecosystem, you get to eliminate siloes and gain a clear view of how customers are truly feeling about you. A fully integrated cloud infrastructure solution creates seamless customer experiences in-branch and online.

Create engaging digital banking experiences across channels

Deliver flexible, personalised and intuitive service across your bank. From wealth management to lending to payments, be ready to support customers. An agile technology platform makes it easy to keep up with customer demands and build long-term customer relationships.

Build better banking experiences

Streamline experiences across your front office, back office and branches. Modern banking systems simplify governance across consumer banking, payments, and wealth management because of improved computing power. With more efficient systems, you can support customers in a quick and seamless manner.

Innovate faster and break down silos across your business with Genesys. Integrate your CRM system, favourite partners and other systems with leading customer experience software. Use these connections to deliver seamless experiences with AI, automation and machine learning. And be confident that your entire customer journey is secure.

Deliver compliant, and proactive interactions

Protect clients’ financial assets and information. Earn customer trust with built-in security and compliance standards. Maintain that trust with fraud, risk and control frameworks. Genesys technology supports cloud financial regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, clean desk compliance and more — without the need for manual monitoring.

Empower employees to support compliance. Provide a full view of the customer across all communication channels. Give employees context to manage customer service requests. Enable them to up-sell and cross-sell products and services with confidence.

Elevate banking interactions with AI

Deliver effective, efficient and profitable experiences with the help of AI. You get to facilitate loan origination, fraud prevention, account creation and more. Also, proactively improve the customer experience with AI-powered chatbots, voicebots and predictive routing.

Augment interactions with data-driven insights. Genesys AI integrates seamlessly with CRM systems, machine learning algorithms and third-party technologies. With a deeper understanding of customers, advisors can foster stronger customer relationships by providing offers at the right time via the right channel.

Scale resources with robust self-service

Customers want support no matter the hour or day. Give them exceptional service without overworking your call centre agents. With our cloud financial services software, create exceptional customer experiences utilising personas based on demographics or preferences. Leverage AI, automation, bots and other leading technology to resolve issues quickly and provide 24/7 customer support.

Engage customers on the channels they love most with meaningful, helpful content. Help customers get the support they need without ever picking up the phone. And, if more help is needed, you can seamlessly guide them towards human support.

Accelerate the shift to digital banking

Seamlessly connect your siloed data and get insights to enhance your customer journey. Set your bank free to innovate easily with mobile cloud solutions.

See how financial institutions are transforming customer service

Make it easy for employees to deliver real-time support across channels.

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Cash in on modern customer service

Customers need support, regardless if it’s online or in-person banking. Genesys can help meet your customer expectations while maintaining your commitment to security.

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Related Questions

What is cloud banking?

Cloud banking enables banks to provide efficient, personalised and cost-saving banking services to customers. It also integrates all customer interactions into a single platform – allowing you to access different interaction histories whenever and wherever. Additionally, cloud banking offers better scalability and agility, letting you quickly meet changing customer needs so your customers constantly receive the best banking experience.

How does the cloud impact financial services?

A key benefit is that cloud enables banks to access and analyse large amounts of data in real-time, allowing you to make more informed decisions and offer hyper-personalised services to customers. Additionally, cloud financial services process customer interactions more efficiently – reducing cost and increasing operational efficiency.

What are the main benefits of using cloud services in the banking industry?

Cloud services drive innovation, speed and transformation by enabling financial institutions with better security, faster processing and lower costs. Cloud banking offers many benefits to the industry, including:

  1. Improved customer experience: Enables banks to manage customer interactions seamlessly, provide personalised services and enhance customer loyalty.
  2. Better flexibility: Allows banks to quickly adapt to changing customer needs without having to invest in new infrastructure.
  3. Enhanced efficiency: Helps banks reduce operational costs and frees agents from repetitive tasks by automating processes and streamlining operations.
  4. Better scalability: Enables banks to scale up or down as needed, without having to worry about high upfront hardware costs or limited capacities.
  5. Improved security and compliance: Genesys Cloud offers advanced security features and is compliant with the banking industry’s best practices.